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Last modified: 20 June 2018


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Current Projects


TC-10 is actively developing and/or promoting five major standards:  The promotion of IEEE Std 181-2011 (Standard on Transitions, Pulses, and Related Waveforms) and of IEEE Std 1057-2017 (Standard for Digitizing Waveform Recorders); the promotion of IEEE Std 1241-2010 (Standard for Terminology and Test Methods for Analog-to-Digital Converters); the revision of  IEEE Std  P1658-2011  (Standard for Terminology and Test Methods for Digital-to-Analog Converter Devices; and, the development of IEEE Std  P1696 (Standard for Terminology and Test Methods for Electronic Probes).


For a more detailed description of the current work of each subcommittee click here.


For More Information


Contact the Chairman, Nicholas Paulter, at or the Acting Secretary, Jerry Blair at


Membership Forms

Click here for the letter from the chairman to potential new members and others that are interested in the activities of TC-10. The membership form linked to below is a PDF form that can be filled in from you browser if you have the Adobe plugin for this installed. If not, you can download it and fill it in with Adobe Reader 9 (available free) or Adobe Acrobat 9. In either case clicking on "Submit" at the bottom of the form should cause its data to be emailed. There are systems on which the submit button does not work. In these cases you can save the file as a PDF, fill it out, save the filled-out form, and email it to me as an attachment. A signature is not needed if you submit the form electronically. If you have any problems send an email to

             PDF Membership form.

If, for some reason, you cannot use the PDF form a Microsoft Word form is available by clicking here. This form can be filled out and emailed to the address on the form.



             Balastrieri thesis on ADC and DAC standardization.


Style Manual


A new IEEE Standards Style Manual was released in January of 2005.  For a copy, click here. For a copy that is highlighted to show changes from the 2000 version click here.


Next Meeting

The next face-to-face meeting is currently planned to be held at sometime soon after I2MTC in New Zealand in May of 2019.


Jitter Subcommittee


             Minutes of meeting on 30 June 2011.

             Presentation at meeting on 30 June 2011.


Minutes of Recent Meetings


These are in PDF format. They may be viewed and/or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which may be obtained free-of-charge from Adobe.


             Minutes of May, 2018 Meeting.

             Minutes of March, 2017 Meeting.

             Minutes of April 2016 Meeting.

             Minutes of March, 2014 Meeting.

             Minutes of November, 2012 Meeting.

             Minutes of November, 2011 Meeting.

             Minutes of June, 2011 meeting.

             Minutes of October, 2010 Meeting.

             Minutes of May, 2010 Meeting.

             Minutes of February, 2010 Meeting

             Minutes of December, 2009 Meeting

             Minutes of June, 2009 Meeting

             Minutes of February, 2009 Meeting

             Minutes of September, 2008 Meeting

             Minutes of May, 2008 Meeting

             Minutes of February, 2008 Meeting

             Minutes of October, 2007 Meeting

             Minutes of May, 2007 Meeting

             Minutes of February, 2007 Meeting

             TC-10 Minutes of November, 2006 Meeting

             TC-10 Minutes of June, 2006 Meeting

             TC-10 Minutes of February, 2006 Meeting

             Directory of archived minutes