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IEEE P1076.1 Working Group: Vote to Adopt Draft LRM

Dear P1076.1 Working Group Member,

An inner circle of the Working Group has worked diligently to revise IEEE Std 1076.1-2007 IEEE Standard VHDL Analog and Mixed-Signal Extensions by aligning
the extensions with IEEE Std 1076-2008 Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual. In addition, IEEE Std 1076.1.1-2011 VHDL Analog and Mixed-Signal Extensions—Packages for Multiple Energy Domain Support has been integrated with the resulting document. The revision contains many changes due to either this work or due to the definition of AMS-specific enhancements. An overview of the revision can be found at

All changes have been included in a draft document that is intended to be used, with minor format modifications, in an IEEE ballot. To release the document for the IEEE ballot, it has to first be approved by the Working Group. To this end, I am calling an electronic vote on the revised document. The vote opens with this email, and it ends on March 12, 2017. According to our P&Ps 7.1b) and 7.1.2, the vote carries by majority of the votes cast (excluding abstentions), provided a majority of the WG Voting Members respond. Therefore, I invite all subscribers of the P1076.1 reflector to cast their vote as one of:
  • Approve, with or without comment
  • Disapprove, with comment. A disapproval without comment will be treated as an abstention
  • Abstain
Since the draft LRM is a copyrighted document, it is being kept in a password protected area. To access the document and participate in the vote, please send an email request to christen.1858@xxxxxxxxxxx. I will then send you information how you can access the draft document and some collateral documents. The email will also include further instructions. We expect that in return for accessing the draft document you will cast your vote.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Ernst Christen
Chair, IEEE P1076.1 Working Group