IEEE 1241 - Standard for Analog to Digital Converters

Revised 14-January-2015 by Solomon Max

IEEE-STD-1241-2010 was approved by the IEEE Standards Association

on 17 June 2010, published on 14 January 2011, and is available from the

IEEE Xplore Digital Library @


private area - password required


Current Project


The 1241 ADC working group is now engaged in promoting IEEE-STD-1241-2010

at industry conferences and other publications. The next action will be to

either re-affirm, withdraw or edit a new draft within 5 years of the

publication date.


This working group is part of the Waveform Generation, Measurement and Analysis Technical Committee (TC-10) of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

TC-10 is working on a pulse measurement standard.  (Standard 181)

TC-10 is also working on a waveform recorder standard. (Standard 1057)

TC-10 is also working on a digital to analog converter standard. (Standard 1658)

The approval document from the IEEE is located here: 1241 Approval Document

A Phd thesis written by Eulalia Balestrieri concerning the development of the standards is available here -  Thesis in pdf format  

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Contact the Chairman, Steve Tilden, at, or the Editor, Jerry Blair, at, or the Secretary, Solomon Max, at

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