IEEE P1363a: Standard Specifications for Public-Key Cryptography: Additional Techniques


(The call for submissions to P1363a has expired. Visit the P1363 home page to see currently active projects.)

Contributions are requested for the IEEE P1363a project, "Standard Specifications for Public-Key Cryptography: Additional Techniques."

IEEE P1363a is a supplement to the IEEE P1363 standard, "Standard Specifications for Public-Key Cryptography," which is currently in development. IEEE P1363 covers relatively established techniques for key agreement, encryption, and signature schemes and related mathematical primitives from three families (elliptic curve, discrete logarithm, and integer factorization). The purpose of IEEE P1363a is to cover additional techniques in these and related areas.

Submissions are requested in the following areas:

The present P1363 document gives examples of techniques in most of these areas.


A submission should consist of the following sections:

  1. Description of the cryptographic technique. While references are encouraged for background, the description should be understandable without the references.
  2. Claimed attributes and advantages of the technique. Advantages may be stated in comparison to related techniques in the literature or in other standards, or to the IEEE P1363 document.
  3. Security assessment and considerations.
  4. Known limitations and disadvantages.
  5. Intellectual property issues. Any patents or patent applications relating to the technique should be identified. If the submission is accepted as part of the addendum, a letter of assurance of "reasonable and non-discriminatory" patent licensing will be required, per IEEE policy. A copyright transfer to IEEE may also be required, if text from the submission is incorporated into the standard.


Submissions should be sent electronically to the IEEE P1363 Web site. Instructions can be found here. Submissions received will become part of the IEEE P1363 working group's public record and, if in electronic form, will be posted on the working group's Web page.


Presentation of the submissions to the IEEE P1363 working group is encouraged but not required. Time for such presentations may be set aside at the working group meetings. If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact the working group's chair.


Information on the IEEE P1363 project and the addendum is available through [...]

This page was last modified on October 7, 2004.
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