IEEE P1363: Identification Schemes

Practical Identification Schemes as Secure as the DL and RSA problems
Tatsuaki Okamoto, March 1999.
Presented at the
March 1999 meeting.

We present a practical three-move interactive identification scheme, ID-DL, and prove it to be as secure as the discrete logarithm problem. ID-DL is almost as efficient as the Schnorr identification scheme, which is not provably secure. We also present another practical identification scheme, ID-RSA, which is proven to be as secure as the RSA problem and almost as efficient as the Guillou-Quisquater identification scheme; the Guillou-Quisquater scheme is not provably secure. The elliptic curve version of ID-DL, ID-ECDL, is also suggested.

The identification schemes described in this contribution were originally presented at Crypto'92 by the author.

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