Presentations and Documents for the January 2003 Working Group Meeting

Current Issues in Cryptography

Presentations to the working group on current issues in cryptography:

Adrian Antipa, Dan Brown, Alfred Menezes, Rene Struik, Scott Vanstone,
Validation of Elliptic Curve Public Keys

Nicolas Courtois, Louis Goubin, Mehdi-Laurent Akkar, Romain Duteuil,
Digital Signatures and Low-Cost Smart Cards
A presentation on SFLASH.

Marc Girault, Guillaume Poupard, Jacques Stern,
GPS: or how to sign on the fly with low-cost smart cards

John Malone-Lee, Wenbo Mao,
RSA-TBOS: Signcryption using RSA

Serge Vaudenay,
The Security of DSA and ECDSA: Bypassing the Standard Elliptic Curve Certification Scheme
Presented by Jean Monnerat.


William Whyte,
P1363 Registry Ideas,
Outlines potential structure for an IEEE P1363 registry of algorithms.

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