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Standard Specifications For Public-Key Cryptography

The IEEE P1363 project develops Standard Specifications For Public-Key Cryptography, towards the goal of issuing a series of IEEE standards documents.


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The Standards

Traditional Public-Key Cryptography (1363-2000 & 1363a-2004)

This includes digital signature and key establishment schemes based on the following problems:

Lattice-Based Public-Key Cryptography (P1363.1)

This includes encryption (e.g. NTRUEncrypt) and digital signature (e.g. NTRUSign) schemes.

Password-Based Public Key Cryptography (P1363.2)

This includes password-authenticated key agreement (e.g. EKE, SPEKE, SRP) and password-authenticated key retrieval (e.g. Ford & Kaliski) schemes.

Identity-Based Public Key Cryptography using Pairings (P1363.3)

This includes techniques for identity-based cryptography using pairings.

The P1363 Working Group

In addition to continued work on the above projects, the Working Group accepts contributions and discusses issues related to these and other types of public key cryptography that may be relevant to future standards projects.
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