August 1999 - 1394.1 Meeting Information
From: Brian Batchelder [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 1999 2:39 AM
To: p1212r;;
Subject: [P1394.1] August .1/1212r/1394B Meetings Pre-notice

The August meetings of the .1/1212r/1394B groups will be held at the
Portland Marriott, August 23 through 27.  1394B will meet on Monday and
Tuesday, 1212r on Wednesday and 1394.1 on Thursday and Friday.  As the
individual meeting schedules seem to be a bit complicated, I will let the
chairs of the respective groups announce their own schedules.

The arrangements with the Marriott have not yet been finalized, so I don't
have a phone number for you to call for reservations.  As soon as I have the
block of rooms and a number, I will post a new message.  If possible, please
wait to make your reservations so that the Marriott will be able to give me
a reasonably accurate account of attendees.

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