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Last modified July 12, 2000.

This web site contains information about the IEEE P1394.3 Working Group. The latest draft of the working group is contained in the Documents Section. Please review the Documents Section to understand the differences between DRAFT, Proposal, Discussion and Related documents.

What's New

  • Peer to Peer Data Transport Specification - PPDT_r12.pdf - Updated June. 27, 2000

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The P1394.3 Working Group grew out of efforts underway in the 1394 Printer Working Group to develop a printing solution for devices that implement IEEE Std. 1394-1995 High Speed Serial Bus connections. Early consensus on supporting legacy formats split the effort into two paths; device discovery / enumeration and the transport protocol.

In the area of device discovery and enumeration, the group had identified requirements which were not addressed in existing standards (IEEE Std. 1212-1994). The 1394 PWG applied for a PAR to the IEEE MSC for this effort. Instead of a new effort, the MSC recommended these efforts take place as part of the IEEE P1212r revision effort. Some members of the 1394 PWG participated in that effort. The IEEE P1212r working group has completed work on the revision and it currently headed to ballot. More information is available on the IEEE P1212r web site.

Many discussions and proposals were considered for transport solutions. Other efforts were looking at 'lighter weight' solutions that were focused on direct links between data producers and consumers. The 1394 PWG was looking for a reliable solution that could be used across multiple device classes. Consensus was reached that a transport solution should be able to support a 'sockets' type of API and would make efficient use of the underlying link. After research and discussion, a decision was made to use Serial Bus Protocol 2 (ANSI NCITS 325-1998) for the underlying transport. The major focus of the WG has been the development of a byte stream oriented command set and communication profile for the SBP-2 transport that could support connections to multiple services over a single SBP-2 login.

In October of 1999, the 1394 PWG presented a Project Authorization Request (PAR) to the IEEE Microprocessor Standards Committee (MSC) to standardize this effort. The MSC approved the PAR and passed it on to the IEEE New Standards Committee (NesCom) for review at the January 2000 meeting. NesCom approved the PAR and the formation of the P1394.3 Working Group.

The 1394 PWG site pages are located here.

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Chair: Greg LeClair, EPSON
Vice-Chair: Alan Berkema, Hewlett-Packard
Editor (PPDT Specification): Peter Johansson, Congruent Software
Secretary: Larry Stein, Warp 9
Secretary: Lee Farrell, Canon
Webmaster: Greg LeClair, EPSON
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This section contains an archive of the various documents under consideration by this working group. The documents are grouped into three categories: DRAFTS, Documents, and discussion documents.
  • DRAFT documents represent the current sections of the IEEE-P1394.3 standard that have been agreed to in principle, documented and or reviewed by this working group. Official document names are assigned by the WG Chair.

  • Proposal documents represent submissions to the working group that may or may not be included in the final results published by this group. Refer to the meeting minutes to understand the current status of these documents.

    The naming convention used represents a compact encoding that provides year, document number and revision information.


    • <Year> - Two digit representation (i.e. 1999 - 99, 2000 - 00, 2001 - 01, etc.)
    • <Document> - Three digit sequential representation (001, 002, 003, etc.)
    • <Revision> - Single digit sequential representation preceded by the letter 'r'(r0, r1, r2, etc.)
    • .pdf - all files should be submitted in PDF format (Acrobat 3.x compliant) ready for posting.

    Official document names are assigned by the WG Chair.

  • Discussion documents represent submissions to the working group which may or may not be accepted as work items. Document names are assigned by the author.

  • Related documents listed here may be physically located on other servers.
If you want to submit a document, please contact the P1394.3 Webmaster.


Title Number Revisions Latest Revision Editor Date Notes
P1394.3 Draft PPDT 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0 3.0 Peter Johansson April 25, 2003 Current WG Draft
P1394.3 Project Authorization Request (PAR) PAR 1 1 Greg LeClair Dec. 7, 1999

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Title Number Revisions Latest Revision Editor Date Notes
Ballot summary 01-000 0 0 IEEE February 20, 2001
Comment registry 01-001 0, 1, 2 2 Peter Johansson April 20, 2003

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Discussion Documents - not assigned numbers by WG chair

Title Number Revisions Latest Revision Editor Date Notes

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Meeting Schedules

The current meeting schedule is posted here. If you're aware of a meeting and it's not listed, please advise the P1394.3 Webmaster.

Current Schedule

  • July 2000 -
    • No additional meeting is planned until the Ballot Resolution Committee meets.
    • Host: TBD
    • City: TBD (likely to be in No. California - Bay Area)

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IEEE-1394.3 WG Meeting Minutes

Past meeting minutes will be available in this section. If you're looking for something and it's not here, please advise the P1394.3 Webmaster.

Current List of P1394.3 archived minutes:

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Mailing List

There is an email reflector that you can subscribe to for further information and technical discussions.

Note that discussions here can be highly obscure, so if you aren't really interested, don't bother subscribing. IMPORTANT - Subscribe requests should be sent to the majordomo address with the following in the BODY (not the subject) of the message:

subscribe stds-p1394-3

NOTE: Please suppress any signature your mailer generates as you may get a bunch of error messages because the listbot will try to interpret the extra lines as commands.

If you want to send a message to the people on the reflector, where the message will improve the signal-to-noise ratio, send it to stds-p1394-3@majordomo.ieee.org (please, no spam).

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