Technical Panel Session

Voltage Sag Mitigation

IEEE PES Winter 2000 Meeting

February 2000

Note: the hyperlinks below provide the email addresses of the panel participants and the presentations given by the panelists in Singapore. The presentations are saved in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If your web browser does not support PDF viewing, view the instructions available from this hyperlink.


Math Bollen, Chalmers University of Technology


Math Bollen, Chalmers University of Technology
"What is a Voltage Sag?"

Neil Woodley,Siemens AG
"Field Experience With Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR-TM) Systems"

Ambra Sannino, University of Palermo, Italy
"Overview of Voltage Sag Mitigation"

Erkki Lakervi
"Voltage Sag Mitigation through Distribution System Design"

Oscar Apeldoorn, "Requirements and solutions for Dynamic Voltage Restorer: A Case Study"

Philip Lim, Memphis Light Gas & Water Division
"Sag Mitigation through Improvement and Testing of Sensitive Equipment"

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