Technical Panel Session

Application of Custom Power Devices for Enhanced Power Quality

Sponsored by the IEEE Transmission & Distribution Committee

Tuesday, February 2, 1999, 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
New York Hilton, Sutton North Meeting Room


Numerous power providers have installed custom power devices for mitigating power quality problems. This panel session will focus on describing application considerations of custom power devices and results of custom power devices installed in the field. The panelists will discuss the economic factors that must be addressed before installing such devices. The session will also look at design issues that should be considered for reliable operation of custom power devices.

Note: the hyperlinks below provide the email addresses of the panel participants and the papers written for the conference proceedings. The papers are saved in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If your web browser does not support PDF viewing, view the instructions available from this hyperlink.


D. Daniel Sabin, Electrotek Concepts, Inc.
Chairman, IEEE P1409 Distribution Custom Power Task Force


Stig Nilsson, Technical and Business Consultant
"Special Application Considerations for Custom Power Devices" (541KB)

Greg Reed, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products
"Improved Power Quality Solutions Using Advanced Solid-State Switching and Static Compensation Technologies" (565KB)

James Gurney, BC Hydro
"Field Demonstration Project of a Distribution System Static Compensation Device used to Mitigate Voltage Flicker"" (364KB)

Jim Johnson, Electronic Power Conditioning Inc.
"Application of Active Filters for Power Quality Improvement"" (340KB)

Rao Thallam, Salt River Project (presented by Tom La Rose)
"Multimode Battery Energy Storage System for Custom Power Applications" (341KB)

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