Custom Power Technology Development

A continuing goal of the Custom Power Task Force will be to centralize information concerning the development of custom power technology and the installation of devices which utilize this technology. This list presents the most current information available regarding custom power technology as of May 26, 2000.

Note that this is an "application-oriented" listing of projects. With these new technologies, companies are very reluctant to apply them until there is some field experience. Sharing of information about applications helps to generate acceptance for the technologies in the marketplace, identifies benefits and potential problems with the technologies in specific applications, and helps identify areas for future technology improvements. All of these are important overall benefits that can be achieved without the sharing of proprietary information about particular products and technologies.

A similar approach has been used for years in the HVDC Subcommittee and its associated working groups (more recently expanded to include FACTS technologies). The HVDC groups published a number of papers and bibliographies that documented HVDC installations around the world, helped develop guidelines for equipment specifications, and significantly enhanced the visibility of these new technologies in the marketplace. These are the kind of objectives that we would like to accomplish with the activities of the Custom Power Task Force.

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