IEEE PES Working Group
P1433 Power Quality Definitions

Philip P. Barker, Co-Chair,,
518/395-5078 tel, 518/346-2777 fax

Timothy D. Unruh, Co-Chair,,
913/888-8050 tel, 913/888-5558 fax

Draft 5 of
"A Standard Glossary of Power Quality Terminology"
is now available on line for Working Group members.
See below for details.

The purpose of the working group is to develop a common set of definitions describing the various types of power quality disturbances and phenomena that occur. The working group has about 15 to 25 active members that generally attend the meetings. Meetings are usually held at the Summer and Winter IEEE PES Meetings.

Listed below is further information regarding this working group:

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Authors: P.P. Barker ( & T.D. Unruh (
(Modified: 07/99)