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1996 Winter Power Meeting Working Group Minutes

Baltimore, MD January 23, 1996

Meeting Chair & Acting Secretary: Philip Barker

The Power Quality Definitions Working Group met at the IEEE PES Winter Power Meeting in Baltimore, MD on Tuesday January 23, 1996 from 9:00-10:00 am. Approximately 15 people attended the meeting. This was the second meeting of the group since its formation. The first meeting was held at Portland in 1995.

The meeting started with general introductions of those present and circulation of the meeting attendance sheet (see attached). The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted per a motion by the group.

Discussion then centered on the scope of the group and the organizations that should be included in P1433 coordination efforts. It was noted that P1159 definitions which already exist would play a key role in the document. However, many other documents also exist that have terms not discussed in 1159 that would need to be pulled into the P1433 document. A list of assigned group liaisons was passed out (it listed volunteers from the last meeting). Also, new volunteers were accepted for some open liaison positions not filled at the summer meeting.

Liaisons are as follows:

  • SCC-10, IEEE Editorial Board - Steve Huffman
  • P1159 - Larry Ray
  • Emerald Book - Steve McCleur
  • IEEE 519 & 519A - Tom Gentile
  • P1346 - Van Wagner
  • C62 - Phil Barker
  • P1250 - Cheryl Warren
  • P1366 - Cheryl Warren
  • CIGRE/CIRED/IEC - Eric Gunther
  • NEMA - Larry Morgan
  • Industry Applications Society - Randy Collins
  • NFPA70B - Richard Bingham

The duties of a P1433 liaison were outlined and include:

  1. Update the assigned coordinating group/organization on P1433 activities.
  2. Obtain terms and definitions from existing documents and documents under preparation. Send to P1433 Chairman for inclusion in the P1433 document.
  3. Work with P1433 WG Chairman and coordinating group to help resolve differences in definitions and encourage the adoption of P1433 "preferred" definitions.
  4. Mark P1433 WG Chairman and Co-chairman for all pertinent correspondence with coordinating groups.

It was expected that the liaisons will report back to the WG Chair with their findings of related power quality definitions before the Summer Power Meeting.

There was much discussion regarding the structure of the document. A draft P1433 outline was passed out and discussed and there was a strong feeling among those present that the format of the definitions should follow that utilized in IEEE 100. A motion was raised by the group and unanimously accepted that the definitions format will follow that in ANSI/IEEE Std. 100. It was also noted that the definitions would contain as much context related information as was required to adequately describe each term.

Larry Morgan brought up the subject of a web site for the P1433 group which would help serve as a depository for data related to group activities. This web site could be used for draft documents, important announcements, WG member information and other materials pertinent to group operations. It was envisioned that all members could download the latest versions of draft documents, however, only a few key members could make editorial changes to such documents via the web connection. A goal was established to setup a web location for such activities before the 1996 Summer Power Meeting.

The next meeting was scheduled for the Summer Power Meeting in Denver, CO.

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