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1997 Winter Power Meeting Working Group Minutes
New York, NY February 4, 1997

Meeting Chair: Timothy D. Unruh & Philip P. Barker
Acting Secretary: Philip P. Barker

The Power Quality Definitions Working Group met at the IEEE PES Winter Power Meeting in New York City on Tuesday, February 4, 1997 from 9:00 -10:00 am. Twenty three people signed the official attendance record as attending the meeting.

The meeting started with general introductions of those present and circulation of the meeting attendance sheet. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted per a motion by the group.

Discussion was held regarding the following issues:

Review of Guidelines for P1433 Membership

The draft guidelines for membership in P1433 were discussed. All present agreed that the conditions for membership seemed reasonable. It was noted that the purpose of the membership rules are to insure a stable membership so that reasonable progress in the development of the PQ definitions document could occur. Several people present noted that the IEEE already has published guidelines for membership and that ours should be reviewed to make sure they at least satisfy the minimum IEEE requirements. Also, it was noted that the title of our membership rules which currently is "Membership Rules - P1433 Committee" should be changed to reflect the fact that our group is a working group and not a committee. Thus, the title will be changed to "Membership Rules - P1433 Power Quality Definitions Working Group". A motion by the group was passed to accept the rules with the title changed and pending a check on their consistency with existing published IEEE guidelines for working group membership.

Liaison Activities

Liaisons did not have any new reports for this meeting.

Discussion of P1433 Draft 2.0

P1433 Draft 2.0 was handed out at the meeting. The content of the draft document was discussed and the general consensus was that the document very closely matched the goals and objectives set forth at the last meeting of the group. The two key parts of the P1433 document are Section 3.0 - Definitions and Section 4.0 - Power Quality Definitions Applied. The Definitions section contains just the terms and a short definition. The Power Quality Definitions Applied section contains the same terms but with detailed descriptions of how they are applied. Many descriptions include graphical depictions of the term's general usage.

It was noted that Section 3.0 of the draft was basically a list of P1159 terms but with a few other terms brought in from other documents. As was discussed and agreed at the previous working group meeting, some P1159 terms related to instrumentation that were in Draft 1.0 have been deleted from Draft 2.0. For example, accuracy ratio, CT and PT have been deleted. Grounding and wiring terms have been retained.

Section 3.0 is thought to be 99% complete at this time with the exception that perhaps a term here or there needs to be added, deleted, or adjusted. All working group members were instructed to review the Section 3.0 terms and to respond to the working group chairs by March 4, 1997 with any recommendations for additions, deletions, or adjustments to that section. The working group chairs will accept recommended changes to Section 3.0 via e-mail or by regular mail. The goal is to receive all recommended changes in time to prepare a revised document prior to the summer meeting (Draft 3.0). It was pointed out that Section 4.0 is in its early stages of development and that less than 30% of the terms have been expanded to include detailed application descriptions. Suggestions for revisions of this section will also be accepted and are requested by March 4, however, since this section is very incomplete it will be extensively revised and upgraded even if no suggestion are received.

Larry Morgan suggested that each member of the working group be sent an electronic copy of the document to facilitate changes. Phil Barker agreed to take the lead on this and would send out a Word 6.0 file to each working group member via e-mail. The issue of a web site was also brought up and Phil Barker indicated that he would get one up and running within a few weeks with the electronic document on it.

Next Meeting

This discussion centered on the time and location of the next meeting. It was pointed out that Tim Unruh, who normally chairs the summer meetings, will not likely be able to attend the Berlin meeting this summer. Phil Barker, who chairs the winter meetings, also is not likely to attend the Berlin meeting. It was also noted by a poll of those present that very few working group members (less than 3 or 4) would be attending. As a result, it is not possible to have a formal summer meeting of the group. Larry Ray indicated that he would be attending the Berlin Conference and would be pleased to hold an informal meeting of the group to pass along information to our European counterparts and to handout updated materials to those members that would be present. This sounded like a good idea and thus it was decided that Larry would do this. In the unlikely event that Tim Unruh or Phil Barker become available for the Berlin meeting, then one of us would chair it.

As far as the next formal meeting is concerned, Tim Unruh's request that it be held at the IAS conference in October was discussed. No one was opposed to the idea and it was generally felt that IAS is a very good forum for the group meeting. There was concern expressed as to whether or not a meeting room could be obtained. The conclusion of this discussion was that the next formal meeting of the working group is tentatively scheduled for the IAS conference in October 1997 (New Orleans) assuming that we are able to get a meeting room. Tim Unruh will chair the meeting. Larry Ray or one of the two working group chairs will host an informal meeting in Berlin. Announcements for both of these will be sent out well in advance so working group members can plan their schedules accordingly.

P1433 Meeting Attendance List - Winter Power Meeting 1997

Phone No.
Larry Ray
Square D
(615) 287-3320
Scott Peele
Carolina Power & Light
(919) 546-6422
Steven Whisenant
Duke Power
(704) 382-6608
Randy Collins
Clemson University
(864) 656-5920
Silrya Santoso
University of Texas
(512) 471-4507
Antony Parsons
Univeristy of Texas
(512) 471-0606
Stan Fabinski
Commonwealth Edison
(708) 410-5350
Mike Bringwood
Clemson University
(864) 656-5934
David Mueller
Electrotek Concepts
(423) 470-9222
Jeff Lamoree
Electrotek Concepts
(423) 470-9222
Marek Waclowiak
United Illuminating Co.
(203) 499-2877
Tom Diamontis
Niagara Mohawk
(315) 428-5688
William Liveramt
PECO Energy Co.
(610) 941-1673
Erich Gunther
Electrotek Concepts
(423) 470-9222
Richard Bingham
Dranetz Technologies
(908) 248-4393
Dan Sabin
Electrotek Concepts
(423) 470-9222
Alex McEarchern
Electrotek Concepts
(423) 470-9222
Ward Jewell
Wichita State Univ.
(316) 978-3853
Stephen Middlekauff
Duke Power
(704) 382-6542
Van Wagner
Detroit Edison
(313) 235-8494
Larry Morgan
Duke Power
(704) 382-4252
Alvaro Torres
Consultoria Columbiana
57.1. 288-2005
David Vannoy
Delmarva Power
(302) 452-6385

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