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1998 Summer Power Meeting Working Group Minutes
San Diego, CA July 14, 1998

Meeting Chair: Timothy D. Unruh & Philip P. Barker
Acting Secretary: Timothy D. Unruh

The Power Quality Definitions Working Group met at the IEEE Summer Power Meeting in San Diego, California on Tuesday, July 14, 1998 from 1:00 -2:00 p.m. 12 persons signed the official attendance record as attending the meeting.

The meeting started with general introductions of those present and the circulation of the meeting attendance sheet. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted per a motion by the group.

Discussion was held regarding the following issues:

Future Direction of the Group

A motion was passed at the 1998 Winter Power Meeting to consider altering the PAR to reflect the group description from creating a standard to publishing a paper. Much discussion centered around this topic. Some concerns were that publishing a paper was not a PAR function and therefore not a working group function. The concern over the standard is that it would be time consuming and difficult to ballot and gain approval for the definitions section of the standard. Most comments have centered around the definitions themselves, along with the coordination issues with IEC. Larry Ray proposed another type of solution. He indicated that we could establish the document as a "normative" section and an "informative" section. He said that the normative section is usually balloted much stricter than the informative section of a document. Further, he stated that we could put the actual definitions from previous standards into the normative section, and NOT have them balloted, as they are already approved in previous standards, and we are merely reciting those standards with references. The informative section would then contain the description/application, etc for the definitions. It was further clarified that if the same definition is found in several IEEE documents, that each one would be included as the reference for the definition. If the definition is found in several different forms in IEEE documents, then each form would be cited, and the informative section would provide a discussion of the differences and make statements of when each should be applied.

Further comments centered around the use of IEC definitions, as well as other standards formation body's documents. As IEC definitions are not balloted through the IEEE process, they could not be included in the normative section, as pre-balloted information. It was decided that this first issue would attempt to bring together the IEEE definitions, and likely would have to wait until the next revision to include outside-IEEE organization's definitions.

Dave Vannoy made a motion to re-direct the group towards the document structure of a normative and an informative section as described above, with the group's work still producing a standard. The motion was approved by those present.

Timeline to Ballot Standard

Tim Unruh pointed out that the present PAR would expire four years from the approval date. The approval date was June 14, 1995, with expiration in 1999. Larry Ray felt it was reasonable to complete the balloting process by this date, and offered encouragement to move towards a ballot request at the 1999 Winter Power Meeting.

Tim Unruh committed to have a new draft posted on the new web site within one month of the Summer Power Meeting. This new draft would ensure that all relevant definitions are included from:


They must be included in an exact wording form. Furthermore, he will coordinate with Phil Barker to ensure that the application section of the report is revised to reflect these changes. Comments from this draft will be due back within one-month of the posting. Members will be notified by email when the draft is available.

Web Site

It was announced that the P1433 web site has been moved to the IEEE address. The new IEEE address is Future drafts will be placed in the private area of the web site and can be accessed at Contact either Tim Unruh or Phil Barker for username/password information.

Presentation by Richard Bingham

Richard Bingham gave a brief presentation on NFPA-70B Standard at the Meeting. He indicated that the new standard included a chapter on Power Quality. Copies of the standard should be available soon from NFPA.

P1433 Meeting Attendance List - Summer Power Meeting 1998

Name Company Phone #
Warren Anderson 978/774-7308
Timothy D. Unruh CMS MST 517/768-2033
Richard Bingham Dranetz Technologies 908/248-4393
Gil Hensley Pacific Gas & Electric 415/973-4892
Scott Peele Carolina Power & Light 919/881-3724
Larry Ray Square D 615/287-3320
David Vannoy Conectiv Solutions 610/444-1100 Ext. 225
Joe Wilson Siemens PT&D 704/588-4660
Wayne E. Hinkson LA Dept. of Water & Power 213/367-2711
Mehmet Celik Bechtel Consulting 415/768-2164
Henry Pinto Metrosonics, Inc. 800/864-2240
Robert D. Pettigren Backwith Electric Co.
Peter W. Yan ComEd 708/410-5347

Next Meeting Schedule

The P1433 Working Group will have a meeting at New York, at the 1999 Winter Power Meeting, preferably scheduled for the time we usually have it (Tuesday at 1:00 pm). As usual Phil Barker will be presiding over the winter meeting.

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