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1998 Winter Power Meeting Working Group Minutes
Tampa, FL February 3, 1998

Meeting Chair: Timothy D. Unruh & Philip P. Barker
Acting Secretary: Philip P. Barker

The Power Quality Definitions Working Group met at the IEEE Winter Power Meeting in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, February 3, 1998 from 1:00 -3:00 p.m. 19 persons signed the official attendance record as attending the meeting.

The meeting started with general introductions of those present and the circulation of the meeting attendance sheet. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted per a motion by the group.

Discussion was held regarding the following issues:

Status of Draft P1433 Document and Comments Received

Draft 4.0 of the P1433 document was e-mailed to working group members a few days before the conference (those with e-mail addresses). It was also handed out to all present at the meeting. Since many people at the meeting were not on the e-mail address list, it was the first time for them to see Draft 4.0. This draft contains a few revisions and additions from the previous draft that was circulated for the October 97 IAS meeting. It was noted that the Working Group chairs had received considerable comments by e-mail in the days leading up to the ’98 WPM and had not enough time to thoroughly digest them. However, at the time of the meeting the e-mail comments had been reviewed enough to state that they mainly dealt with concerns regarding specific definitions and IEC compatibility. Some people also expressed concern about the form of the whole document and what its purpose was. There was a feeling by some that it simply was a repeat of P1159 and is it really needed? Work was planned to continue on the draft with a revised version available before the next meeting.

Possible Change of Direction of the Working Group

As a outgrowth from the above discussions regarding the focus of the document, it was noted that it would be very difficult to create an up-to-date standard of PQ definitions since it takes many years to get a standard approved. To create documents with a faster turn-around time, Larry Ray raised a motion that the Working Group consider revising the PAR so that the product of the group would be a periodic PQ terminology paper as opposed to the standard that we are currently developing. The key word in Larry’s motion was consider which meant that the group would think about this change during the period between the Winter and Summer Meeting and then vote on revising the PAR at the next Working Group meeting. The motion was voted and accepted with the vast majority of those present affirming the vote. Phil Barker indicated he would check with Nancy Heitmann to determine the IEEE mechanism for producing a periodic Working Group paper.


It was discussed that the P1433 website needs to be moved to the IEEE address and that this could occur well before the next meeting. The current website address is at

Updated Liaisons

SCC-10, IEEE Editorial Board To be determined
P1159 Larry Ray
Emerald Book To be determined
IEEE 519 & 519A Tom Gentile
P1346 Van Wagner
C62 Steve Whisenant
Voltage Quality Jim Burke
P1366 Cheryl Warren
NEMA Larry Morgan
Industry Applications Society Randy Collins
NFPA70B Richard Bingham
Custom Power Dan Sabin
Light Flicker Larry Conrad

P1433 Meeting Attendance List - Winter Power Meeting 1998

Name Company Phone #
Warren Anderson 978/774-7308
Phil Barker Power Technologies 518/395-5078
Richard Bingham Dranetz Technologies 908/248-4393
Andy Dettloff Detroit Edison 313/235-8454
Erich Gunther Electrotek 423/470-9222
Dennis Hansen PacifiCorp 801/220-4816
Ward Jewell Wichita State University 316/978-6340
Jeff Lamoree Electrotek 423/470-9222
Jim Loorya Panamax 415/499-3900
Larry Morgan Duke Power 704/382-4252
Scott Peele Carolina Power & Light 919/881-3724
Larry Ray Square D615/287-3320
Mike Teachman Power Measurement Ltd. 250/652-7100
Steven Whisenant Duke Power 704/382-6608
Jason Spangler Clemson University
Paulos Miroftsalis Clemson University 864/656-5929
Patrick Chaney Clemson University 864/656-3198
Andy Brock Clemson University 864/653-8499
James Wikston Hatch Associates Ltd. 905/403-3728

Next Meeting Schedule

The P1433 Working Group will have a meeting at San Diego preferably scheduled for the time we usually have it (Tuesday at 1:00 pm). As usual Tim Unruh will be presiding over the summer meeting.

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