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1999 Summer Meeting Working Group Minutes
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada July 20, 1999

Meeting Chair: Timothy D. Unruh
Acting Secretary: Scott Peele

The Power Quality Definitions Working Group met at the IEEE Summer Power Meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tim Unruh convened the P1433 Working Group meeting on Tuesday July 20, 1999 from 2:30 until 3:00 p.m. in the Salon 13 room of the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton. Twelve people were present along with the chair. The following items were reviewed during this meeting:

Some trouble existed in getting a meeting time on the PES Meeting Agenda. It was noted that some follow-up would need to occur to get the meeting scheduled in the next agenda. Few persons were planning to attend the Winter Power Meeting in Singapore. It was noted that an alternate meeting time would be at the Las Vegas meeting of the Transmission and Distribution committee one week following the Winter Power Meeting. It was not determined if the 1433 group would meet at this meeting.

PAR Status

The time of the PAR expiration was discussed and Tim was given an IEEE administration person to contact. The PAR is now thought to be good until June of 2000. Larry Ray was to send documents for a PAR extension but is not known if this has been done. Given that the rules of the PAR had been altered recently by IEEE, the PAR may be good for one more year.

Balloting Process

Larry Morgan discussed the procedures that should be followed in the standard-development process. Randy Collins acquired the proper booklets for this process for Tim. Larry reviewed the process that needed to occur before balloting.

It was agreed to work with liaisons and e-mail a copy of the document. We were to ask the liaisons to please provide any text that may conflict with their text in this document. This contact will meet the requirement for coordination and correspondence. It was noted that two-way written correspondence was required to show due diligence with the coordinating committees shown on the PAR.

Document Review

Tim requested that the members review the document for text errors, content, and grammar. Tim said that after the last meeting the format was changed to only one section, instead of two sections of definitions. The definitions would be before the expanded text only. The definition section that was before this text was removed. He said that each definition was referenced back to the core "source" of the definition. Tim had a concern of the source document update as this document may source an older version. Discussion on a 2- or 3-year review on this may be required. Discussion on the source document, especially 100, how they source documents. Tim would contact the committee of 100 for pointers.

The down loading of the document was discussed with problems of the graphics that were overlapping the text. The download problem was to be corrected by using a PDF file format. Tim would send the document to Roger Bergeron and he would transfer the file to PDF format.

The present draft is 5A and is available on the group's website: Contact either Tim Unruh or Phil Barker for username/password information. Comments on the Draft 5A are due by August 30, 1999 to Timothy D. Unruh at

P1433 Meeting Attendance List - 1999 Summer Power Meeting

Roger Bergeron Ontario Hydro
Math Bollen
Randy Collins Clemson University
Russ Ehrlich Connectiv
Dennis Hansen Pacificorp
Gil Hensley PG&E
Ward Jewell Wichita State University
John Kennedy Southern Company
Larry Morgan Duke Energy
Scott Peele Carolina Power & Light
Dave Vannoy Connectiv
Marek Waclowiak
Timothy D. Unruh Custom Energy

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