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1999 Winter Power Meeting Working Group Minutes
New York City, NY February 2, 1999

Meeting Chair: Timothy D. Unruh & Philip P. Barker
Acting Secretary: Philip P. Barker

The Power Quality Definitions Working Group met at the IEEE Winter Power Meeting in New York City on Tuesday, February 2, 1999 from 1:00-2:00 pm. Seven persons signed the official attendance record as attending the meeting. This was lighter attendance than in the past probably due in part to the fact that several other meetings of interest were around the same time and located in a different hotel.

The meeting started with general introductions of those present and the circulation of the meeting attendance sheet. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted per a motion by the group.

Discussion was held regarding the following issues:

Status and Balloting of the P1433 Document

The most recent version of the document (Draft 4A) was distributed to the meeting attendees. It was noted by the Chair (Phil Barker) that not much progress on the draft document had been made during 1998. A new push to get the draft to a state suitable for balloting would be made within the next six months. Hopefully, a new draft could even be ready before the Summer Power Meeting.

Upon review of Draft 4A, Larry Ray suggested that Chapter 3 was redundant since the definitions shown in Chapter 3 are repeated in Chapter 4. He felt, and all others including the Chair were in agreement, that removing Chapter 3 would make the document more streamlined. Based on this discussion, there was a motion that Chapter 3 be removed and its was agreed that this would be done. It was noted that this was not a very substantial change from the point of view of substance since all the key information (the definitions and applications) will be retained in what had been Chapter 4.

Larry Ray noted that the PAR would expire in June of this year and that, if the P1433 group is to continue working on this document, the PAR needs to be extended before the fall. Larry indicated he would take the lead on insuring that the PAR is extended. Phil Barker needs to send the original version of the PAR to Larry before the next meeting.

Next Meeting

The P1433 Working Group will meet at the 1999 Summer Power Meeting in Edmonton. This meeting is tentatively scheduled for the time we usually have it (Tuesday morning). Please check the final meeting program for the schedule.

Web Site

Remember that the P1433 website has been moved to the IEEE address. The new IEEE address is Current drafts of the document are placed in the private area of the web site and can be accessed at Contact either Tim Unruh or Phil Barker for username/password information.

P1433 Meeting Attendance List - 1999 Winter Power Meeting

Phone #
Prem Khena
3M Co.
Ward Jewell
Wichita State University
Richard Bingham
Dranetz Technologies
Scott Peele
Carolina Power & Light
Larry Ray
Square D
Robert D. Pettigrew
Beckwith Electric Co.
Philip P. Barker
Power Technologies, Inc.

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