Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Doc Subgroup
Fri Nov 9, 2001, 1:15 to 2:30pm  PST
Tony Taylor
Frances Miller
Dan Fan
Ken Posse
Jose Santiago

1. Discuss the decision made by TTCS last week to move the TRC syntax into the 1450.3 standard and implications to this working group.

2. Discuss the newly created 1450.3-D01 document that is a combination the TRC syntax from 1450.6 and the original work that was done in 1450.3 for "tester targeting".


Tony reviewed the reasoning behind separating the TRC syntax from 1450.6. The basic reason being that TRC applies in non core environments and should not be tied to the CTL standard. The second reason being that there is already a dot established for "tester targeting" and this is where TRC logically should reside. All agreed that this was a good move.

Rohit will maintain his role as chair of 1450.6-CTL. Tony will be the acting chair for the newly resumed 1450.3. Let's vote on this at the next meeting. Nominations or volunteers are welcome. Note: Rohit has pledged his continued support and interest in the TRC activity.

Tony reviewed the history of 1450.3 which has been dormant for about 2 years. The original work focused more on resource mapping, whereas the new effort is focused on resource checking. Together they pretty much address the scope of the PAR.

We walked through the newly combined 1450.3-D01 document. Since the team had less than a day to look at the document, decision on any changes are deferred until the next meeting. The following are the comments:

fig 1, Overview  - This is an appropriate diagram to this standard. One change is that the rules checking function should be identified as an early step in the process, as well as during "tester targeting" operation as currently shown.

clause 5, Tutorial - This is a new idea as far as TRC is concerned. The working group agreed to read the tutorials in 1450.0 and 1450.6 and discuss again next week.

clause 8, NameMaps - This is to be an extension of 1450.1 to allow mapping to an integer for pupose of defining test pin channel numbers. The general feeling of the group was that this would be easy to do and is a good idea.

clause 9, WFCMaps - This is to allow specification, in STIL, of timing resource mapping for specific test systems. Also to allow specification of waveform triplets for the purpose of TRC of waveforms over 3 periods (prior period, current period, next period). The group's initial response is that this will be very hard to define, but would be of good value if we can get it right.

clause 10, Pragma - This is to allow specification within a STIL file of tester specific code that implements a given function. The group's initial response is that this would be an easy thing to define and may be the solution to the problems of WFCMap.

clause 13, Signals Supply - This a new block that needs to be flushed out. Tony will make the 1450.2 spec available to the group for review.

clause 17, PatternCharacteristics - The content of this block is unchanged. The question is whether to move it into 1450.1. The group is OK with doing this. Tony will bring this to the 1450.1 working group.

AnnexA, AnnexB - Tony is to include Dan's frame docs into the 1450.3 doc.

All other change bar items were covered and accepted.

Agenda for next meeting:
1. Nominations and election of 1450.3 chair.
2. Suggestions for creation of a new section 5, tutorial. Any volunteers?
3. Decide on whether clause8 (NameMaps), clause 9 (WFCMap), and clause 10 (Pragma) should be in this document.
4. Discuss "TRC -> Signals Supply" and 1450.2 document.
5. Start reviewing Ken Posse's semantic descriptions for incorporation into the doc.

Next Meeting: Friday 11/16 @ 1:15 PST.