Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Doc Subgroup
Fri Nov 16, 2001, 1:15 to 2:30pm  PST
Tony Taylor
Frances Miller
Dan Fan
Jason Doege

1. Nominations and election of 1450.3 chair.
2. Suggestions for creation of a new section 5, tutorial. Any volunteers?
3. Decide on whether clause 8 (NameMaps), clause 9 (WFCMap), and clause 10 (Pragma) should be in this document.
4. Discuss "TRC -> Signals Supply" and 1450.2 document.
5. Start reviewing Ken Posse's semantic descriptions for incorporation into the doc.


1450.3 chair - No new nominations or volunteers were made for chair of 1450.3, except that Bill Chown (who was not present) has said that he was willing to take over the responsibility if there was no one else willing. So ... Tony is the only volunteer, and was elected by 4 YES, 0 NO.

Clause 5, tutorial - Frances Miller has volunteered to create a tutorial section for inclusion into the document.

Clause 8, NameMaps - All agreed that the standard needs to provide the tester channel mapping information. Frances suggested that there is a need to provide mode information, as well (i.e., what kind of pin is a signal to be connected to - in, out, inout?). It was also suggested that the CTL syntax should be looked at to see if it already has a way to handle this (External block?). So the outcome of the discussion is that the NameMaps clause is to be included, but the exact implementation is to be discussed further.

Clause 9, WFCMap - All agreed that the WFCMap function should be included in the standard. It was felt that the goal is to provide a complete test program specification is the STIL language to the greatest extent possible. More review and discussion is needed on the syntax.

Clause 10, Pragma - All agreed that this should be included in the standard. Jason brought up the question of how tester identifiers get assigned and controlled. This not something that should go into the standard itself, but some mechanism for coordinating names is needed. Jason suggested that the JTAG 1149.1 standard has a way to assign device id's. Jason agreed to find out how it is done and report to the group.

Agenda for next meeting:

1. Review of NameMaps and WFCMap syntax.
2. Review Signals Supply.
3. Review Ken Posse's semantic descriptions.

Next Meeting: Friday 11/30 @ 1:15 PST.