Minutes of the TestResourceConstraints Meeting: 13 July 2001

Attendees: Frances Miller, Daniel Fan, Ken Posse, Jason Doege, Tony Taylor and Rohit Kapur

* S21
* SC212

NEXT MEETING: 20th July 2001 (Face to Face at Synopsys), 2-5pm, Sunnyvale Bldg 2 - Lobby.

The discussions today were very focussed on issues in the examples that are difficult to capture without the context of the example all available in the minutes.

CompareEvents: An integer_expression is needed to represent the number of parameterized events that can exist in a single period. The same is true for DriveEvents. This is new functionality though the syntax document has not changed much. The previous reason to have a integer expression in this location was to represent the bits needed for calculating the memory available on the tester as it depends on the values. This variable has now moved to MaxData.

CompareEvents syntax: The compare events syntax allowed for CompareEvents ; (i.e. with no information). This was an error and has been fixed to force the different types of Events that are available. Same is true for DriveEvents.

Defaults Changed for WaveformDescription Information: In this block most of the syntax items had a default of 1 going into this meeting. The default is changed to 0 as it is more consistant with the missing statement interpretations of the other syntax.

<In | Out | InOut> WFNAME : Statement number 36 of syntax. The ability to describe the waveform that includes Drive/Compare/Drive&Compare events has been added.

Braces Missing : Statements 47 and 48 of the syntax had missing braces to allow them to be optional. (Min time_expr;) and (Max time_expr;)

Defaults for PatternCharacteristics: Determined to be consistantly No as it is typically going to be used for describing the characteristics of patterns. Statement 63 and 78 had some errors in this regard.

Changes to S21 Example: CompareEvents and DriveEvents need to reflect combinations. For example, drive events are U D U/D;

Ordering of Syntax: The syntax in examples is to be written such that blocks are defined before they are referenced.

Changes to SC212 Example: MaxShapes of FormatSelect for IO_Card needs to be split into two. One for Dynamic and one for Static. The syntax of MaxEvents needs to be broken up into 3 statements of MaxEvents.

Open Issue SC212 Example: Describing Waveforms for the fast clock is to be determined after Frances creates some pictures of the same.