Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Doc Subgroup
Fri Jan 04, 2002, 1:15 to 3:00pm  PST
Tony Taylor
Dan Fan
Greg Maston
Rohit Kapur
Jim Teisher

1. Review NameMaps for tester channel mapping
2. Review all changes (indicated by change bars in D03)
3. Other issues

General Editorial changes
Tony reviewed in general, the editorial changes to the document. The biggest being that all the italic comments that were embedded in the syntax definitions have now been moved to a separate area following each of the syntax block (this is the same format as followed in all other STIL docs). Also, the clauses are now arranged so that all the top level blocks are together and all the TRC blocks are together. The group approved the changes in general, however, more time is required to read and comment on the new descriptions.

Clause 8, Resource
The resource syntax remains pretty much as it was before, however with the removal of Clause 10, WFCMap there is no resource data to reference. The solution is to allow pointers (either by label or by index number) into a tester specific Pragma block. This is a new idea and the group needs time to consider this idea before making final decision on this approach.

Clause 9, TesterChannelMap
1. This is a new clause that was added as "Informative". It contains examples of how the existing syntax as defined in 1450.1 can be used to create any desired information needed for channel mapping. This can support multiple packages or multiple site definitions.
2. The downside of this syntax, is that the standard does not define or require any particular format within the double quoted channel information. In this way it is much like the Pragma idea where each tester is free to define its own channel data requirements within the context of the STIL data.
3. Greg raised a concern about putting an Informative section in the body of the standard. This is not according to "best" IEEE practice. However, we have done this with IEEE approval in other STIL standard docs (see clause 5, Tutorial in IEEE Std. 1450-1999), so the group agreed to leave it as is. Note: the reason for putting it here is so that all the syntax clauses needed to define the tester targeting functions are together in one place.
4. It was discussed that an unofficial document on usage techniques and conventions can be made available on the STIL web site.

Clause 10, WFCMap
This block has been completely removed as we discussed in the last meeting. The current thinking is that this data is to be handled totally by the Pragma concept which allows for representing of tester resource information in a custom tester format. See also Clause 8, Resource, which allows for pointers into the Pragma information.

Open Action Items:
11/16/01 - Frances Miller - Clause 5, tutorial - Frances Miller has volunteered to create a tutorial section for inclusion into the document.

11/16/01 - Jason Doege - Jason suggested that the JTAG 1149.1 standard has a way to assign device id's. Jason agreed to find out how it is done and report to the group. This need in 1450.3 is for the naming of "TESTER_ID" for use in Pattern->Resource statements and in Pragma blocks.

12/14/01 - Tony Taylor - Find a reference for regular expressions as used in the NameChecks block.

Agenda for next meeting:
1. Continue review of D03.

Next Meeting: Friday 1/18/2001 @ 1:15 to 3:00 PST.