Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Doc Subgroup
Friday, Mar 1, 1:15 to 2:30pm  PST


- Dan Fan
- Jose Santiago
- Frances Miller
- Jason Doege
- Tony Taylor


1) Jason suggested that a pintype assignment might be useful to support cases
where actual channel mapping is not done until pattern load time.  The
group felt that this was already handled by the "" field in the
TesterChannelMap section.  Frances suggested that at some point it might
be nice to introduce a pinmode to the TesterChannel map and have it linked
to the Signals block. Jason and the rest of the working group agreed that the
current syntax is sufficient.

2)  Jason motioned, and the group agreed, to drop the Economics block.
Although seemingly useful, it was decided that the development of the
Economic block would be too hard (comparable to the development of
WaveformCharacteristics block) and perhaps even impossible given the
reluctance to specifiy dollar amounts.

3)  The group feels that the mulit-site/multi-port characteristics do not
belong in pattern characteristics.  It is not clear where they should go.
Daniel Fan has suggested that they may belong in 1450.4. This will be a topic
for the face-to-face meeting on 3/15.

4) The group has several concerns regarding the goal of 1450.3.  Some
issues raised:

5) The large number of general open issues and lack of tutorial prompted the
decision to hold a F2F in Sunnyvale, March 15.

6) It was suggested that each of the syntax definitions be annotated as to whether they apply to tester constraint usage, pattern report usage, or both. (action: tony to add this to the document).

Next Meeting:

When: Friday 3/15/2002 from 9:00 to 5:00
Where: Synopsys, 455 N. Mary, Sunnyvale, CA. Bldg 2
Agenda: Structure and content of tutorial for 1450.3.