Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Doc Subgroup
Friday, June 7, 1:15 to 2:30pm PDT

Daniel Fan
Jim Teischer
Tony Taylor
Greg Maston (scribe)

Two issues distributed by Tony,
1. From Dan: event list and period labels
2. From Jason: PatternMerge


Daniel presented motivation for his proposal; to identify whether a
period or waveform-sequence is tied to a single tester resource or
multiple resources. This allows identification of "potentially
independent" parameters, for example, to modify a particular WFT.

Tony raised the commonality of the Resource statement in the Patterns
with the purpose of this information, to consider a uniform
representation. Considered making the period label a "label"
construct (outside the Period statement itself), or Tony proposed a
different syntax such as angle-brackets to differentiate these

Discussed the implication of same-labels as meaning "same resource",
and different labels mean different resources... but that this label
correlates only between the SAME signal across multiple WFTs -- and
that this semantic may not be applicable for all test environments.

Discussed concern about potential combinatorial-explosions of this

Jim volunteered to present a different representation of this
information for next meeting.

Looking for a "single definition, multiple reference" construct, where
the single definition is a sufficiently canonical form to minimize

All agree that the capability is good.

Topics for next meeting (Friday 6/21/2002)

In addition to reviewing the tutorial for next time, Tony requested a
review of the error references in the current doc. So two items for
next agenda: tutorial and error references.

Meeting adjourned at 2:23 PDT.