Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Doc Subgroup

Friday, August 16, 1:15 to 2:30pm PDT

Daniel Fan
Greg Maston
Tony Taylor



DF-4 - resource allocation

JT-5 - LoopCharacteristics

TT-3 - TRC-Err definitions


ITC Meeting:

The 1450.1 and 1450.3 working groups are planning to hold a joint working group meeting at ITC on Monday, Oct 7. Those planning to attend:

DF-4,5 - resource allocation

Reviewed changes Tony made to clause 9 per decisions from last meeting. Changes agreed to. Additionally, Dan is to provide an updated example to replace section 9.3 and also a new example to add to annex F that shows combining the use of Inherit in a wft and the use of <resource_id> labels. Issue DF-4 and DF-5  are to be closed.

JT-5 - PatternCharacteristics

TT-3 - TRC-Err definitions

The new scheme for numbering TRC errors was reviewed. They are now defined sequentially in Annex G. Once we agree to an initial set, the numbers will be frozen and any new error checks will be assigned to the end of the list.

JD-1 - Economics

This clause is to be removed from the document and the issue closed.

FM-2 - Site and Port

These statements to be moved into a new TRC->System block and this issue closed.

TT-1 - TRC file structure requirements

TT2, TT7 - Encryption

These two issues should be combined.

TT-3 - TRC Errors

This issue should be closed.

TT-5 - MaxScanChainLength

This issue should be closed.

WG-1 - Block Ordering

This issue should be combined with TT-1 and explained in clause 7.

Topics for next meeting (Friday 8/16/2002)


FM-1 - tutorial (Dan's proposal)

JT-5 - LoopCharacteristics

TT-3 - TRC-Err definitions

Action Items:


AI-1: Tony - include Dan's new resource examples

AI-2: Tony - update PatternCharacteristics block

AI-3: Tony - remove Economics block and create a SystemCharacteristics block

AI-4: Tony - update clause 7 per above