Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Group
Friday, September 27, 1:15 to 2:30pm PDT

Daniel Fan
Tony Taylor

1. LoopCharacteristics syntax
2. SystemCharacteristics syntax
3. Tutorial - Clause 5
4. Agenda for ITC meeting


1. LoopCharacteristics

The syntax for InstructionCharacteristics and LoopCharacteristics has been updated in the document to reflect decisions that were made 2 or 3 meetings ago. Would like to get input from the rest of the wg, but was OK to all (2) of us at this meeting.

2. SystemCharacteristics

The SystemCharacteristics contains two statements - MultiplePorts and MultipleSites. MultipleSites is defined as independant but like devices. The question was raised that MultiplePorts should be defined as independant but different devices since the definition of asynchronous ports is really covered in PeriodCharacteristics. That being the case, a better id would be MultipleDevices. This is a topic for further discussion at ITC. This also needs discussion with the 1450.4-wg.

3. Tutorial - Clause 5

issue1: The tutorial is missing the outer Environment statement

issue2: The TRC block as defined in clause 12 specifies  no env-name and a required trc-name. Should we make both of these names optional? If so, then this would suggest that tools reference ATE names like x.y where x is the env-name and y is the trc-name? This, too, needs more discussion at ITC.

issue3: TRC syntax in clause 12 should allow for multiple TRC blocks.

issue4: Clause 5, line 17 contains reference to a spec variable for the min/max period. The syntax allows for two values, and so the example can be simplified to "PeriodTimeLimit '4ns' '5ns';" .

Topics for next meeting (Monday 10/7,  8:00am at ITC)

Action Items: