Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Group

Friday, Dec 5, 2003, 1:15 to 2:00pm PDT


Tony Taylor (chair & scribe)

Greg Maston

Daniel Fan

Jose Santiago





1. working group meeting at ITC

2. review list of issues in review-resolution doc for D08



IEEE meeting clearances

Nothing under discussion or presentation for this meeting was identified as being proprietary or restricted.


GM-1 PatternVariables statement

Draft D09 currently has the keyword "None". Greg's suggestion/request is to use the keyword "No" for consistency with all the other statements that use this as a keyword. Jose noted that the definition for this statement does not include the definition of the keywords (stmt 19). AI - Tony.


GR-9 & GR19 - Format statement

The  wg reviewed the updated Annex E and agreed that this addresses Gordon's concern and is a more complete explanation of the use of these attributes.


GR10 - Example 5.1

Dan identified one more change that is needed - Note 3 on page 10. Dan also noted that the STIL statements throughout the document still use the indentifier "D07" and need to be changed to "D09" (see page 8, code line 1). AI - Tony.


GR-17 - Use of full event names

Greg suggested adding one more item in the list - "full_name" - to indicate that full event names are allowed, too. AI-Tony.


GR-21 - SubWaveforms

The wg agreed with the changes.


GR-23 - incorrect example 16.2

Correction to the example is OK, however this led to a discussion of the booloean expression syntax - see TT-3, TT-4 for more detail.


TT-1 - MaxEvents

Changes agreed to by wg.


TT-2 - new clause 13 - DCResources

Changes agreed to.


TT-3, TT-4 - Boolean expressions for timing checks

Although the concept of the boolean expressions using the @@ variable are agreed upon, there was considerable discussion as the the expression syntax for booleans as allowed in STIL.1. Since this is very newly changed in STIL.1 the issue is to be addressed first by the STIL.1 wg. The main questions (raised by Greg) revolved around the need to use ( ) around boolean, and whether this is better managed by single quotes.  AI-Greg.


As a result of this issue, it was decided that the STIL.3 ballot should not begin until at least the first round of ballotting of STIL.1 is complete to see what changes (if any) are necessary in the expression syntax. Once STIL.1 is set, the appropriate changes can be made to STIL.3.


Use of TRC for specifying design rules for tri-state checking

Greg stated that he is working with a customer to utilize the TRC rules to specify the design rules for making a tri-state check - i.e., how long after a signal turns off can a tri-state measure be effectively done? This will probably require use of the WaveformDefinition block and should be a good test of the language. AI-Greg


Ballot Readiness

It was felt that the D09 standard is in very good shape as far as completeness. However, since it is so dependent on the expression syntax from STIL.1, it was decided to hold of starting the ballot on STIL.3 until the expression syntax has undergone a thorough review.


It was pointed out that the IEEE document to request addition time is now on the web site, and the planned ballot start date is jan 15, 2004.


Standard Test Consortium (STC)

Jose stated that STC is now looking at the language requirements and would like to talk with the STIL working group(s) to see if some sort of collaboration with the STIL activities is possible. AI-Jose.


Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm

Next meeting

Date: Friday, Dec 19, 2003
Time: 1:15 to 3:00 PST
Dial-in#: 888-635-9997
Participant code: 539645

Action Items:

AI-2003.12.05-1 - Tony - Update D09 with agreed to changes

AI-2003.12.05-2 - Greg - Review the new expression syntax in STIL.1

AI-2003.12.05-3 - Greg - Work out TRC rules for doing tri-state design rule specification

AI-2003.12.05-4 - Jose - Make arrangement for STC and STIL-chairs to discuss a collaborative effort


Old Action Items:

AI-2003.06.06-1 - Jason - Create a TRC file for an Inovus tester

AI-2003.08.15-1 - Dave Dowding - review the VectorModulus syntax