Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Group

Thursday, Jan 19, 2005 -  10:00-11:30 Pacific Time


Tony Taylor
Daniel Fan
John Cosley
Bruce Kaufman

Jose Santiago






1. Review changes in draft D10, dated Dec26.

2. Review Dan's TRC file




Nothing under discussion or presentation for this meeting was identified as being proprietary or restricted.


Review D10 changes


p27 - TRC block - sub sets - Discussion about whether the concept of sub sets should be defined in dot3 or left as a recommended practice to be handled in the stilusers group. There were two concerns with including it. One was that it will not be easy to come to agreement on the definition of each sub-set and hence would slow down getting to ballot. Second was that the sub set definition needs to go beyond dot3 as each STIL file needs to define what parts of the standard is is using. Decision to remove it from dot3.

A related topic was whether to have a statement "STILExtensions (<Design|DCLevels | ...>)+; ". The purpose of which is to specify which extensions are supported.


p30 - Module -> block reference statements - These statements were moved from the SignalCharacteristics bock to the recently added Module block. Dan expressed concern that he needs to associate a given set of signals with a given set of waveform characteristics. John suggested that we should allow the references both in the Module block and in the SignalChar block. When used in the SignalChar block they override a reference in the Module block. Decision to put in both places.


p31 - Table 5 - There was quite a lot of discussion about the signal types definition (as provided by Greg Maston). ATE guys - Dan and Bruce - did not see any need for it since, to them, the signals are defined by their characteristics and ATE signals tend to be all fully functional pins anyway. This concept comes from the EDA usage of tester resources. We all agreed to do more review of this concept and to get the EDA viewpoint. Note: I am adding Paul Reuter to the email list to, hopefully, get the Mentor perspective on this (and other topics).

A related topic is that the list of types should be added to WaveformCharacteristics (p38) as well as WaveformDescriptions (p43). Also, needs a * after the closing paren.


P45 - PatternCharacteristics - Agreed to remove CoreUsageReady - to be handled as part of sub sets. Agreed to remove DeltaChangeVectorData - it is a fundamental definition of STIL to allow print on change WFCs in a stream of vectors.


p46 - PatternCharacteristics -> AllowedWhen - It is not clear what this statement is supposed to do. The needed functionality seems to be covered by the MinVectorsBefore, etc. Decision to remove it.


p46 PatternCharacteristics -> VectorCount - After discussion, we all agreed that this should be global per pattern, and hence should NOT be in the InstrChar block ... OK as is. Jose brought up the point that the keyword was not clear to him. Suggestion was made and accepted to change it to "VectorCompression". Also need to define default to be 1, if statement is not included.


Review of Dan's TRC - D4032

Dan is updating the TRC file based on discussion.

Meeting adjourned 11:30 Pacific time


Next meeting

Date: Next meeting Thursday, Feb 3
Time: 10:00 to 11:30 Pacific time

Action Items:

AI-1: Tony - remove sub-sets, add STILExtensions

AI-2: Tony - add reference statements back into SignalCharacteristics

AI-3: Tony - add types to WaveformDescriptions

AI-4: All - review table 5

AI-5: Tony - remove CoreUsageReady, DeltaChange, and AllowedWhen

AI-6: Tony - change to VectorCompression

AI-7: Dan - update Credence TRC with latest changes