Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Group

Thursday, Feb 16, 2005 -  10:00-11:30 Pacific Time


Tony Taylor
John Cosley

Bruce Kaufman

Gary Murray

Jose Santiago






1. Decision to freeze the syntax and start cleaning up the descriptive text. I have attached a syntax-only pdf to make it easier to focus on the definitions.
2. Additional (necessary) change beyond what we discussed at the last meeting.
Clause 13.1 - SignalCharacteristics -> InOut
    - removed Static
    - added InOnly and OutOnly
    - previously the in/out was identified by the attrs at the top of the block (now removed)
3. Dan's updated TRC
4. Getting Gary Murray started on a TRC for LTX tester.
5. When to form the ballot group?



Nothing under discussion or presentation for this meeting was identified as being proprietary or restricted.


Freeze D11

D10 is now frozen. Tony will create D11 and start reviewing and correcting the definitions and code examples. It is expected to take several weeks to complete this work and progress will be reviewed bi-weekly in this forum. Tony requested assistance from anyone willing in order to speed through this process.

Clause 13.1 - SignalCharacteristics -> InOut

Tony explained that with the removal of "In" and "Out" as types as block attributes, it was necessary to add two new keywords to the InOut statement within the block. Agreement was unanimous. This actually clears up another confusion as to why the In/Out appeared in two places. It now appears only  once ... much better!

Dan's updated TRC

Since Dan was not present this action was postponed. The latest TRC is dated Feb 2, 2006 and is available on the stilusers website.

Gary Murray started on a TRC for LTX tester

Gary has the info needed to get started. We expect he will have questions to bring to this forum.

ballot group

We still need to figure out the appropriate advance time to notify IEEE. With the work to clean up the doc we probably have plenty of time.


Tony questioned whether we should look for a shorter keyword than "Characteristics" since it is used so much in this standard (and is rather cumbersome to type). The following are some suggested alternatives. We will take a (email) vote and decide at the next meeting.


1. SignalCharacteristics -- currently
2. SignalAttributes
3. SignalAttrs
4. SignalProperties
5. SignalProps


Meeting adjourned 10:25 Pacific time


Next meeting

Date: Next meeting Thursday, Mar 2
Time: 10:00 to 11:30 Pacific time

Action Items:

AI-1: Tony - prepare D11 and start cleanup of rest of doc

AI-2: All - submit your vote on *Characteristics issue