Phone Conference P1450.3 Working Group

Thursday, Mar 30, 2005 -  10:00-11:30 Pacific Time


Tony Taylor (chair & scribe)
John Cosley

Dave Galagher

Bruce Kaufman

Jose Santiago
Daniel Fan





1. WG review / approval of new subclause 7.5. This is what I added to address the scoping issues we discussed at last phone call. There's lots of other changes in the descriptions that you may want to comment on, too - see change bars.
2. Shall we move to D12 and clear the change bars? Good time to do so since most of the descriptions in the syntax clauses is done.
3. Annex B (old clause 20) on fluid concepts. Upon reviewing this clause, I realized that in addition to some needed syntax updates, it really doesn't work as intended. For example, consider the following:
  MAX_PINS = 1024;
The mod expression (which should be % per dot1)  will evaluate to zero. The dependency of SEG_TWO_PINS on SEG_ONE_PINS is shown, but not vice versa. After much pondering and a discussion with Greg, I have come up with a new proposal. Here's a re-write of the example ... (see attachment #1, below). Let's discuss it tomorrow. This, hopefully, is the last big speed bump in our way to finishing the document.



Nothing under discussion or presentation for this meeting was identified as being proprietary or restricted.


subclause 7.5 on scoping

New draft

Annex B on fluid concepts

Other issues


Next meeting

Date: Next meeting Thursday, Apr 13
Time: 10:00 to 11:30 Pacific time


Action Items:

AI-1: Tony - update D11 per the above and continue to prepare the doc for ballot.


Attachment #1 
STIL 1.0 { Design 2005; TRC D11; }
Header {
 Source "IEEE P1450.3, Working-Draft D11, Mar 21, 2006";
 Ann {* clause B.1 *}
 Variable MAX_PINS {
  Category SIZE_1024 = 1024;
  Category SIZE_512 = 512;
Variables {
 IntegerConstant NUM_SEG_ONE_PINS := # ;
 IntegerConstant NUM_SEG_TWO_PINS := # ;
Environment TESTER_SPECS {
  Category # ;  // SIZE_1024, SIZE_512
  Assert NUM_SEG_ONE_PINS % 64 :== 0;
  Assert NUM_SEG_TWO_PINS % 64 :== 0;
  SignalAttributes SEG_ONE_PINS {
   MaxSignals NUM_SEG_ONE_PINS;
  SignalAttributes SEG_TWO_PINS {
   MaxSignals NUM_SEG_TWO_PINS;
 } // end TRC
} // end Environment
New rules:
1. Spec vars only used when there is a choice of vaules to be made.
2. Variable -> IntegerConstant to be used for fluid paramenters that are to be determined by the TRC tool.
3. The # is used in place of an expression to indicate the the TRC tool is to determine the value.
4. The Assert statements must all be satisfied. These are the conditions that the TRC tool must use to determine the appropriate choice for the # value substitutions.