Acronyms and abbreviations



ACK:     acknowledgment

AD:         anno domini

ADSL:   asymmetrical digital subscriber line

AKE:     acknowledgment expected

COI:       common object interface

CORBAŽ:            common object request broker architecture, reference OMG Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA/IIOP)

DTD:      document type declaration, ref. Extensible Markup Language (XML)

MAC:     media access control

NaN:      not a number

NCAP:   network capable application processor

OMG:    Object Management Group, a consortium committed to developing technically excellent, commercially viable and vendor independent specifications for the software industry

PHY:      physical layer

PN:         pseudo noise

PSN:       predicted sequence number

SI:           international system of units, reference The International System of Units (SI)

TIM:      transducer interface module

TEDS:   transducer electronic data sheet

ToD:      time-of-day

UML:     unified modeling language, reference The Unified Modeling Language User Guide, OMG Unified Modeling Language Specification , Doing Hard Time: Developing Real-Time Systems with UML, Objects, Frameworks and Patterns

USASCII:              U.S. American standard code for information interchange

UTC:      universal coordinated time

UUID:    universal unique identifier

Xdcr:     transducer

XML:    extensible markup language