IEEE-SA Standards Board Project Authorization Request (PAR)

  1. Assigned Project Number: P1451.6
  2. Sponsor Date of Request: 2004-01-31
  3. Type of Document: Standard for (document stressing the verb "shall")
  4. Title of Document: Draft Standard for A Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators - A High-speed CANopen-based Transducer Network Interface for intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe applications.
  5. Life Cycle: 5-year life cycle
  6. Type of Project: new standard
  7. Name of Working Group (WG): CANopen Transducer Network Interface Working Group
  8. Name of Working Group Chair: Cyrilla J. Menon
    Telephone: 248-471-4874
    FAX: 248-471-9089

Name of Official Reporter: to be added
Telephone: to be added
FAX: to be added
EMAIL: to be added

Sponsor Committee Chair: Kang Lee
Telephone: 301.975.6604
FAX: 301.990.3851

  1. Scope of Proposed Project
    This project establishes a CANopen-based network for multi-channel transducer modules. The standard defines the mapping of IEEE 1451 TEDS to the CANopen dictionary entries as well as communication messages, process data, configuration parameter, and diagnosis information. It adopts the CANopen device profile for measuring devices and closed-loop controllers. This project defines an intrinsically safe (IS) CAN physical layer.
  2. Purpose of Proposed Project:
    There are many implementations of CANopen network interfaces based on the CiA DS 404 device profile. In order to make use of the IEEE 1451 TEDS concept and to achieve data compatibility from a single-sensor to a high-performance closed-loop controller, it is necessary to harmonize the TEDS parameters. The proposed project allows development of lean gateways and cascaded transducer networks based on a combined specification of IEEE 1451 and CANopen.
  3. Intellectual Property
    Sponsor has reviewed the IEEE patent policy with the working group? Yes
    Sponsor is aware of copyrights relevant to this project? Yes
    Sponsor is aware of trademarks relevant to this project? Yes
    Sponsor is aware of possible registration of objects or numbers due to this Project? Yes
  4. Are there other standards or projects with a similar scope? No
  5. International Sponsor Organization
    Is there potential for this standard (in part or in whole) to be submitted to an international organization for review/adoption? No
  6. Will this project focus on health, safety or environmental issues? No


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