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WHEN: 1:00pm to 3:30 pm Tuesday February 17, 1997

WHERE: APEC 98 Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim CA

CHAIR: Dennis Darcy

SPONSOR: Jason Lai






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  1. Review the agenda
  2. Approve the minutes
  3. Task leader reports
  4. Discussion of ways to accelerate and broaden the 1461 effort.
  5. Discussion of 1461 sponsoring a WORKSHOP on Module Standardization to be held in late summer or early fall 1998.
  6. Review and generation of action items
  7. Close with next meeting agenda


  1. The Chairman reviewed the agenda, no dissents on the agenda.
  2. Asked if there were any issues on the Minutes, Jeff Fishbein moved to Approve and Jason Lai seconded there were no dissents.
  3. Discussion:
    1. Jason L. wanted to reiterate the difference between and standard and Recommended Practice (RP) and pointed out the an RP is both easier and quicker to implement and is a reasonable starting point for a standard if one should be needed.
    2. Yuri K. We should be able to the RP of the Interface specification. Said there was some work ongoing on standards setting in higher level IEEE activity. Asked about access to existing standards, from what he could find out the Chairman and Secretary could get access to existing material, he asked if we could help him so that he could do some more research on existing/prior standards.
  4. Alan G. presented a report prepared by John Miller. (Material will be on the web page as soon as it is available.)
    1. Asked about the detail of specification Alan reiterated that the modules interfaces not internal structure/operation need to be defined.
    2. He thought that the multiple levels of description as the Working Group(WG) has described would be the best method to proceed.
    3. Expressed a desire to have a customer coordination meeting to discuss the issues of the interfaces.
  5. Discussion on how to broaden and accelerate the 1461 task.
    1. Jeff F.
      1. define what part of the design space are we trying to address (at least in the early phases)
      2. We are probably only interested in 100A and above.
      3. There is probably a niche we need to address…custom low volume product?
      4. Establish a meaningful dialogue between component suppliers and system builders.
      5. Continuity of communications.
        1. Phone Conference of some key group every two weeks
        2. Get some kind of broad communication with the component supplier base.
        3. Set up a core grown and concentrate on the how's not the what's process and systme
    2. Yuri K.
      1. Who is the driver for the RP?
      2. We need a statement of objectives
        1. (Established by our PAR to a large degree and some of the prior work)
      3. Need to establish a list of parameters we are going to define (standardize)
    3. Tom B. sees that there is an argument between the definition of parameters and how to specify a module vs a specification of what is in a module
    4. Daryl P. The group has enough information to compile a list of what parameters could be defined, perhaps need to compile a list with some definitions attached and circulate widely to the user and supplier for comments on what they would like to see defined and perhaps how. Work backwards from comments we receive in response.
    5. Cliff W, Yuri K asked cliff to explain a little on the work that was done in the PEBB program to come up with a set of parameters for various applications in Navy systems, this perhaps could provide some background for the parameter list.
      1. There was a power system Quality Function Deployment exercise done to look at navy systems, how they are and should be specified and how perhaps they should be specified in future.
      2. Cliff W. also offered up some prior work done one PEBB like products, that looks at a broad set of products. It has a tacit set of standard parameters for comparing various existing products.
      3. Most of this work is available and we will try and put it up on the WEB site ASAP.
    6. It was agreed that a focus group to make things move was important. Jeff F. suggested perhaps 10-12 Dennis D. suggested 5-6, he took the action to get this organized. Mark H. said he would take the action item to get some form of newsgroup/chat room set up for use by the members of the users group.
  6. Workshop Discussion:
    1. Initially it had been suggested that a workshop on standardization be held in the late summer or early fall, and that it try and bring together componenet suppliers and system builders in a forum where positions could be exponunded and explored over a couple of days. Several suggestions on time and place where put forward:
      1. Hold in conjunction with a Sept IEEE packaging workshop.
      2. Hold in conjunction with IEEE Automotice Power symposium in Oct
      3. Hold in conjunction with APEC99 in March 99
      4. Hold in conjunction with PCIM in Nov.
      5. Hold a separate workshop
    2. Yuri K suggested that it be structured around a couple of invited papers and a presentation of the draft.
    3. Jeff F. had suggested that we invite papers from the primary module suppliers and system builders/suppliers in a mini symposium (probably a full day of papers on a normal schedule).
    4. Alan G. felt that trying to shoe horn this meeting in before or after an existing one was a problem. People may not want to spend the extra time, coordinating with the main meeting could be a problem. More importantly we have a lot of work that needs to be done quite quickly, waiting till late in the year may make work for the PNGV and others somewhat moot.
    5. Tom B and Alan G. held a discussion that let to the suggestion that PNGV actually help organize the workshop as a customer/supplier coordination effort. Alan G. suggested that the target be to report out at the next APEC. Cliff W. thought that this would be a fine idea. There seemed to be general agreement that this was a good basis to move forward.
    6. Jeff F. thought there might be a problem getting the right people and the right discussions.
    7. Tom J. asked if there is a strong relationship between the PNGV/automotive requirements and Industrial Drives. Tom B. said that he could help make sure that we got cooperation from the industrial drives sector.
    8. From all of the prior discussion a schedule something like the following emerges:
      1. Organize a list of parameters as suggested above and circulate.
      2. Set up the meeting and have PNGV invite industry, in coordination with Industrial Drives .
      3. Have the workshop in the June time frame probably in Dearborn MI.
      4. Take the results from the work shop and create draft.
      5. Have a working meeting of 1461 in the Fall.
      6. Present a formal draft at APEC 99. (There was discussion of organizing a special session)
  7. Next meeting, because of the planned workshop and other upcoming meetings it was decided that the next formal meeting would be the Fall 98 meeting. This has not been scheduled it is expected that it will be either at PCIM9-8 or IAS-98 this will be firmed up in the near future
  8. Action Items
    1. Dennis D. - Establish a core group who will use conference calls on a frequent basis to move forward.
    2. Mark H./? - Circulate a list of parameters that need recommended practices on how they are measured. This would go to module manufacturers and system developers.
    3. Dennis D./Mark H./Alan G./Tom B. - Work with PNGV and others to organize a working meeting on standardization sometime in June.
    4. Mark H. - Establish a Chat/NewsGroup for the 1461 to use..
    5. Dennis D./Mark H. - Next formal meeting at IAS or PCIM.
    6. Cliff W - will get us the PEBB QFD and other documents for members to review.
    7. Mark H. - Get access to existing standards for Yuri K.

There is a tentative plan to hold a joint meeting on Module Standards in the Spring

THE NEXT FORMAL MEETING To Be announced, it will be in the Fall

Tentative Schedule of future meetings

Spring/Summer 98




Summer/Fall 98

PCIM98 or IAS 98



Winter 99