Breakdown of the module design space into zones or classes.

Although there are a vast number of parameters in any module design space is seems reasonable to limit the design space zones/classes to four, Topology, voltage, output power and environment.

Topology: modules application parameters from a system viewpoint.

No intelligence Single switch ns
  Dual switch nd
  Triple switch nt
Built in sensing Single switch bs
  Dual switch bd
  Triple switch bf
Local Drive Single switch ls
  Dual switch ld
  Triple switch lt
System control Single switch ss
  Dual switch sd
  Triples witch st

Voltage: The Maximum rated voltage that the device(s)/package can hold off

Up to 15V a
15 to 50V b
50 to 100V c
100 to 300V d
300 to 600V e
600 to 1500V f
1500 to 3000V g
3000 to 6000V h
Above 6000V i

Power: The output V-A of the module, (Constant power rate (10sec or more?) not instantaneous, or short term peak power)

Up to 100VA a
100 to 500VA b
500 to 1000VA c
1kVA to 10kVA d
10 to 100kVA e
100 to 1000kVA f
1mVA to 10mVA g

Environment: The environment in which the module will be used.

Automotive/under hood a
Avionics b
Utility/Exterior Industrial c
Industrial d
Exterior Consumer e
Consumer f



ns/a/a/a - Single switch with no in built intelligence, up to 15 V, output power up to 100VA used in an Automotive environment.

Alternate system:


Checking to make sure none of the V- P zones are too trivial

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