Power Electronics Module Interface Working Group (P1461)

Sponsor: Jih-Sheng (Jason) Lai, IEEE Power Electronics Society, Standards Committee

Chairman: Mark Harris

Note: Dennis Darcy has changed jobs and Mark Harris was asked to take over the position.

Secretary: Robert Lankin

Vice Chair: Jeff Fishbein

Vice Chair: Sunnil Chhaya

Charter: To Develop Recommended Practices for Power Electronics Module Interfaces

Background: Power electronics circuits are being packaged into modules at higher power densities with internal integration of control electronics. Presently, power electronic modules are designed without compatibility between different manufacturers products. Consequently the development and installation of a power electronics system is difficult and costly. This project is to establish guidelines for power module manufacturers and the user community so that power modules can be interfaced readily and unnecessary re-engineering cost can be avoided. This project is to develop recommended practices for power electronic modules as well as passive support circuitry, so that power modules can be interfaced more readily. The document will specify the way of interconnecting circuit components. The results will enable modular architectures for redundant, scaleable and low-cost systems by using standard building block elements.


DRAFT Minutes from the 6th Meeting (PSW97)

Minutes from the 5th Meeting (APEC98)

Minutes from the 4th Meeting (IAS97)

Minutes from 3rd Meeting ( PESC97)

Minutes from 2nd Meeting (APEC97)

Minutes from 1st Meeting (PCIM96)


Working Documents

Draft Table of Contents

Breakdown of Application space into classes (Mark Harris' version)

Glossary/Definitions UPDATED


White Papers

Interconnect Concept (Arthur Kelley)

PNGV Convert Spec (Sunil Chhaya)

EV Module requirements (John Miller)

Control Interface (Angelo Feraro)

IAS97 Automotive Integrated Module (Sunil Chhaya)

Thermal Issues With Standardization (C. Van Godbold)


Other Documents

PAR Images

PCIM Paper

PCIM Presentation


Schedule of meetings


March 16, 12:00-2:00, in the Majestic 1

APEC 99 Adams Mark Conference Center, Dallas TX.

An extended working meeting of some kind is tentatively scheduled for early Summer 99

The next meeting after that would be at IAS - Oct 3-7, 1999 Phoenix AZ

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