IEEE P1532 Meeting - Jun 26-27, 2000 - Loveland, CO

Purpose: 2nd Ballot Resolution

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The following individuals attended the meeting

    Neil Jacobson - Xilinx
    Ken Parker - Agilent
    Dennis Lia - GenRad
    Dave Bonnett – Asset Intertech
    Ray Dellecker - JTAG
    Brad Ishihara - Altera
    Sung Chung - Cisco
    Mark Moyer - Lattice


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Indemnification
  3. Recirculation ballot update
  4. Compliance Announcement
  5. Review of p93-119
  6. BSDL integration exercise


6-26-00 Monday

Discussion: Approval of the Minutes of the last meeting:
Motion: Approve last meeting minutes as amended.
Motion: Ken
Second: Ray
Vote: 7-0-0

Discussion: Recirculation ballot update

Action: Neil will initiate email resolution any issues to be resolved prior to the 8-16-00 deadline.

Discussion: Indemnification

Discussion: Compliance announcement policy

  1. When the silicon definition portion of the standard passes, it is propose that the Chairman will send out and e-mail within 48 hours of IEEE SA approval that says that IEEE SA organization has approved it. Then that message would be the go-ahead for silicon vendors be able to claim compliance of specific devices and tools vendors to claim that they intend on supporting 1532 devices as soon as the subsequent BSDL/data format information gets completed and approved.
  2. When the BSDL/data format portion passes, the Chairman will send out a similar e-mail to the reflector giving the OK to claim tool compliance.

    Motion: Alan
    Second: Mark
    Vote: 7-0-0

    Discussion: Compliance and Compatibility claims

    Ken raised the issue.
    There was much discussion of the requirement of the defined mandatory ISC instructions.
    There was discussion of concurrentization.
    There was much discussion of the vague meaning of compatible.

    Motion: Add and ISC Design Warning to the BSDL file extension, which will include text information, and examples similar to Design Warning.
    Motion: Brad
    Second: Ken
    Vote: 7-0-0

    Discussion: Private Actions, Procedures?

    Desire to address ability to facilitate New Innovation and Legacy parts.

    Time: 12:30 PM - Lunch:

    The working group thanks Agilent for its’ hospitality for hosting the meeting and providing lunches.

    Time: 1:00 PM

    Discussion: Continue Private Actions, Procedures?

    Motion: Include a new key word called proprietary, to be included as part of the ISC action attribute optionally following the action name or the procedure name and documented in the ISC Design Warning.
    Motion : Mark
    Second: Sung
    Vote: 7-0-0

    The Proprietary key word provides the use the following chooses as minimum:

    The intention of the proprietary key word is to facilitate the description of New Innovation that can be described by the 1532 BSDL extensions and the programming of Legacy devices.

    Action: Editor( Ken ) to provide acceptable wording for the specification.

    Discussion: Review of changes to the p91-121_133-139.pdf

    Action: Brad will create a data CRC and transmission CRC example using the JAM player to get the CRCs.

    Time: 2:40 – break

    Time: 2:50

    Discussion: Open issues

    Time: 5:00 PM - Break for Day

    Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM - Dinner:

    The working group would like to thank Agilent for dinner.

    Date: 6-27-2000

    Time: 9:00 AM

    Discussion – Review of program examples.

    Ken captured changes resulting from ? and ! syntax.

    Discussion: Open Issues (continued)


    Motion: Add an Optional Action CRC to the data file.
    Motion: Brad
    Second: Dave
    Vote: 6-1-0

    Action: Neil to discuss with Bob Russel (EMC ) for a customer’s input on the implementation and use. Provide directions to editor.

    Time: 11:15 - break


    Time: 12:00 – Lunch Break

    Time: 12:45

    Concurrent programming of erase action of vendor submitted BDSL files. At proc level

    Unravel Erase Action:

    M4032 7128 36XL
    proc_v_idcode proc_v_idcode
    proc_enable proc_enable proc_enable
    proc_erase proc_erase proc_erase
    proc_disable proc_disable proc_disable
    IR IDcode IDcode IDcode
    DR 32bits 32bits 32bits
    Wait 1 1 1
    IR Enable Enable Enable
    DR 6bits
    Wait 1 Wait 1 Wait 1
    IR Addr-shift
    DR 96bits
    Wait 1 Wait 1
    IR Read Info
    Wait 1 Wait 1
    DR 716bits
    IR erase erase erase
    DR 18 bits
    Wait 20-100ms 100ms 400ms <<<<<<<
    IR Addr-shift
    DR 96bits
    Wait 1
    loop 94 times
    IR Read
    Wait 1
    DR 76bits
    loop end
    IR Disable Disable Disable
    Wait 1 1ms 100us <<<<<<<

    Unroll Proc_verify_idcode

    M4032 7128
    IR 1 1
    Wait 1 1
    DR 32bits 32bits
    IR Enable Enable
    Wait 1 1
    IR AddrShift
    DR 96bits
    Wait 1
    IR ReadInfo
    Wait 1
    DR 716bits
    IR Erase Erase
    Wait 20-100ms 100ms <<<<<<<
    IR LscWaitInit AddrShift
    DR 96bits
    Wait 1 1
    loop 80times 94times
    IR Program Program
    DR 200bits 716bits
    Wait 10-50ms 10ms ( 14 ) <<<<<<<
    loop end
    IR LscAddrInit AddrShift
    DR 96bits
    Wait 1 1
    IR Read Read (
    DR 1 of 14
    Wait 1ms 1 ) <<<<<<<
    DR 200bits 216bits ( 13 of 14 from here)
    IR ProgDone AdddrShift
    DR 96bits
    Wait 10-50ms 1
    IR Program
    DR 716bits
    Wait 10ms <<<<<<<

    fig2k0626.gif - 1229 Bytes

    Read and Program alignment from above:

    IR Read Program
    Skip RTI
    DRin 800bits X 716bits (2 of 14)
    RTI 10ms 10ms
    DRout 700bits Addr0 76bits X
    Skip RTI no incr
    DRin 200bits X 716bits (3 of 14)
    RTI 10ms incr 10 Addr1
    DRout 200bits Addr1 716bits X
    Skip RTI no incr
    DRin 200bits X 716bits (4 of 14)

    note: underline above indicates DR optimization.

    Neil captured in excel spreadsheet program actions.

    Open Issues:

    Time: 3:30 PM
    Adjourn meeting

    Next Meetings:
    August 17-18 GenRad, Westford MA

    Secretary: Dennis Lia

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