IEEE Standard for Boundary-Scan-based In System Configuration of Programmable Devices (IEEE 1532)

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General Information

Project Scope

The proposed project will describe a series of mandatory and optional boundary-scan instructions and associated data registers that will define a standard methodology for accessing and configuring programmable devices that already support IEEE Std 1149.1.

Project Purpose

The objective of the ISC standardization effort is to enhance user access to 1149.1-based programmable devices. Devices that adhere to the proposed 1149.1-based ISC standard would form the foundation for the realization of tremendous savings in software product development and manufacturing costs related to ISC. These parts would be immediately integratible into existing systems and tools. In addition, these new tools could leverage easily on the existing 1149.1-based tool sets and knowledge base rapidly incorporating the features of ISC parts.

Mission Statement

To define, document, and promote the use of a standardized process and methodology for implementing programming capabilities within programmable integrated circuit devices, utilizing (and compatible with) the 1149.1 communication protocol. This standard would allow the programming of one or more compliant devices concurrently, while mounted on a board or embedded in a system, known as "In-System Configuration." Concurrent programming may often result in significant programming time efficiencies. The In-System feature would address the need to configure or reconfigure, read back, verify or erase programmable devices after they have been installed by a manufacturing process. This eliminates handling damage and the need for manufacturing steps and inventory management related to preprogramming devices.

Contact Information

Name Position Phone
Neil Jacobson Chair 408-879-4885
Dave Bonnett Vice-Chair 972-664-3003
Dennis Lea Secretary
Kenneth P. Parker Technical Editor

Standard Draft

New Jan 25, 2002
You can download a copy of the standard (draft 4.3) in Adobe Acrobat format (1087KB). Note: the userid and password to access this file are the same as for draft 2.0.

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