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[P1619-1] REMINDER: Please subscribe to the new SISWG e-mail lists

Hi All,

Just a reminder: You need to subscribe to the new e-mail lists if you have an interest in the P1619.1, .2, or .3 standards.  From now on, the P1619 list will only contain general SISWG information and P1619-specific e-mails.  After P1619 is approved the P1619 e-mail list will only contain general SISWG e-mails.

To join a particular SISWG standard, please sent a plaintext (not richtext or html) e-mail to with one or more of the following lines in the body:

subscribe STDS-P1619
subscribe P1619-1
subscribe P1619-2
subscribe P1619-3

Fabio will need to approve your request -- you won't be able to send e-mails to this list until then.  Generally, this approval will occur within one business day, depending on Fabio's work load. ;)

After subscribing, you can send e-mail to each group through one of these addresses: (for P1619 "Narrow Block Encryption with XTS" and general SISWG) (for P1619.1 "Authenticated Encryption", typically for tape drives) (for P1619.2 "Wide Block Encryption") (for P1619.3 "Key Management")

For e-mail traffic that applies to a particular P1619.3 subgroup, please copy these messages to the new P1619-3 e-mail reflector so that we can keep a public archive.  If the traffic on P1619.3 becomes too high, we can create an e-mail reflector for each P1619.3 subgroup, as needed.

You can view the archives here:

There have already been several messages sent to the new e-mail reflectors, so you may want to look at the archives to catch-up.

If you have any other questions, please let me or Fabio know!

Matt Ball