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[P1619-1] Sponsor Ballot Recirculation Now Closed (Do we want to start a P1619.1a project?)

Hi All,

The P1619.1 sponsor ballot recirculation is now closed.  The ballot completed with a 100% approval rating and no further comments.  The next major action on P1619.1 will be taken at the Dec 4th RevCom meeting, at which point IEEE will decide whether to approve the draft.  If approved, the draft will go into the editing phase and should be completed for publication within 2-6 months.  If there are any changes between P1619.1/D24 and the final published version, these changes will only be editorial.

You may still send me editorial comments that I will forward on to the IEEE editors for consideration before final publication.  I don't know of a deadline for such comments, but they should be sent soon.  I'll keep the group up-to-date as this standard passes through IEEE processing.

Please let me know if there is interest in starting a P1619.1a amendment.  I could think of several reasons for such a project, but I want to hear from the group first.

Thanks for all your help!

Matt Ball