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Re: [P1619-2] EME-2 test vector verification

I can confirm that EME2 test cases 1 to 8 work as published in the DRAFT 15 document.
The only minor point was that the next case pointer on test 1 was circularly linked back to case 4, perhaps this should be NULL? (line 12 of page 23). This is however irrelevant to the content of the test vector.
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Are there any volunteers who can cross-check these test vectors?  Most notably, we'll want someone to extract and verify the test vectors as they appear in the draft, so that we can identify transcription errors.  We have caught errors this way in both the P1619 and P1619.1 standards, so I think it is a valuable exercise. 
I can do this. I did some but not all of them already, but I only picked the ones that gave decent coverage!
As a minor point, I did notice that the case-to-case linking was inconsistent (case 4 I think), this was to do with the test case ordering reversal that happened between a legitimate C-file and the Annex C.2. For the spec, I'd set the next case pointer to NULL everywhere, to avoid confusion!