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[P1619-2] Second P1619.2 sponsor ballot recirculation now open for 10 days


The second P1619.2 recirculation has now started and will be open for 10 days.  Here is the e-mail message that you should see tomorrow if you're in the P1619.2 sponsor ballot pool...


Dear IEEE P1619.2-2 Balloting Group Member:

This e-mail is to advise you of the opening of IEEE Standards Sponsor New Ballot Recirculation - 2 for:
Title: Standard for Wide-Block Encryption for Shared Storage Media
Scope: This standard specifies an architecture for encryption of data in random access storage devices, oriented towards applications which benefit from wide encryption-block sizes of 512 bytes and above.
Purpose: This standard specifies an architecture for media security and enabling components. Wide encryption blocks are well suited to environments where the attacker has repeated access to cryptographic communication or ciphertext, or is able to perform traffic analysis of data access patterns. The standard is oriented towards fixed-size encryption blocks without data expansion, but anticipates an optional data expansion mode to resist attacks involving data tampering.

***** IMPORTANT *****
If this is a recirculation of a Reaffirmation Ballot, it may include amendments and/or corrigenda to the base Standard.

Since this is a recirculation ballot, you need only respond if you wish to change your initial vote. If you do not respond to this recirculation ballot, your last vote will be carried forward. Also, as this is a recirculation ballot, a change to 'do not approve' (i.e., a negative vote) which is submitted with comments, shall be based only on the changed portions of the balloted document, clauses affected by the changes, or portions of the balloted document that are the subject of the unresolved negative votes." (IEEE Standards Board Operations Manual, Part

BALLOT OPENS: 1-Jun-2010
BALLOT CLOSES: 11-Jun-2010.
No votes and/or comments will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the close date. Make sure you review the document, cast your vote, and submit your comments before the closing date/time.

1. Log onto myBallot (this link will bring you directly to the "Manage myBallot Activity" screen) at
2. Locate P1619.2
3. Click on the DRAFT# to open the draft/standard; click on the drop-down box to change your vote; click on the comments link (under the Actions column) to be taken to the ballot comments screen to submit your comments.

To view ballot comments and responses from prior circulations of the ballot (e.g., Initial Ballot, Recirculation 1, Recirculation 2, etc.):

1. Click the corresponding link in the box at the top of the page. Ensure that you scroll over to the right of the screen to view all fields.
2. If comments are truncated, click “Show All” on the comments screen.

REMEMBER: This draft/standard is posted for your review for balloting purposes only and should not be copied or redistributed.

NOTE: If you are fulfilling coordination duties only, you will not be able to cast a vote. Coordinators can only submit comments. Please follow the instructions above to access the document and submit your comments.


In this version, we made a minor clarification to the diagram for EME2 and added a new test vector case to catch EME2 implementation errors with large block sizes.


Matt Ball
Cell: 303-717-2717