Working Group & Standard for Election Results Reporting - 1622.2

Scope and Purpose (from the working draft)

This standard specifies an electronic interchange format for aggregated election results so that manufacturers of voting equipment can implement support for this format in their voting equipment and so that election officials, news media, and the public can provide support for this format and utilize it in their own processes. This standard specifies an XML-based format and a corresponding XML schema with associated data elements and usage rules for use as a common file format for (a) import and export from election equipment used for aggregating and reporting election results, and (b) in election offices as a common file format for election results that are typically reported from distributed voting places such as precincts and voting centers to central offices of the county or state, and from county and state offices to news media and the general public. This standard focuses on use of data elements and structures for contest totals, ballot counts, and other associated counts useful for reconciliations and audits.

The purpose of this standard is to provide a common format for election results and information so that manufacturers of voting equipment can integrate this format into their product lines and so that local election offices and media as well as other groups can develop software to facilitate their own importing and reporting and analysis of election results. Voting equipment manufacturers will benefit also from employing a common data exchange standard to interoperate with equipment produced by other manufacturers. And since election management systems generally have the capacity to import and export election results data, it is beneficial to specify a common data format that any state or local jurisdiction can use for election results reporting. Accordingly, the advantages to using this standard include:

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