Standard for Election Event Logging - P1622-3

Current draft PAR (awaiting IEEE approval end-August 2013)

5.2 Scope: This standard defines common data interchange formats for event records for voting systems. Voting systems, including election administration systems, election management systems, vote capture devices, and tabulation devices, record events, both human and machine, in the voting process using the equipment. This standard specifies the common data elements for event log export, and an implementation of this standard using OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) EML (Election Markup Language) data elements and structures. This standard will also include the manner in which codes in event logs for voting systems are described.

5.4 Purpose: This standard facilitates the import and export, in a common format, of event data for voting systems. This data is used by local and state election administrators, citizens, and press to help verify the integrity of the voting equipment, and the elections for which the equipment is used. In addition, it facilitates post-election auditing of elections.

5.5 Need for the Project: Various stakeholders use event data to perform audits. This process is cumbersome due to the proprietary nature of current event logging systems. This standard will establish a data interchange format that will facilitate the creation of generic tools that can be used to examine and analyze event data. In addition, tools can be created to help examine the usability of the systems through examination of event data. Voting system vendors can also benefit from employing a common data exchange standard to interoperate with other election systems.

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