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Chair John P. Wack
Secretary Linda Harley
Vice-Chairs Neal McBurnett

Kenneth Bennett
Immediate Past Chair Arthur Keller
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Working drafts and materials are located in pages corresponding to their IEEE PARs; see the Work in Progress page. Note that only P1622 members are given access to most draft materials until the working group has approved them to be made publicly available.

VSSC and P1622 Meetings

NOTE: The P1622 General Meeting was on Feb 4/5/6, 2014, at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

P1622 holds a telecon-based task force meeting every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 11am ET (GMT-5) and holds two general meetings per year. The most recent general meeting was February 24-25, 2013. Contact John P. Wack if you wish to attend telecons or become a member of P1622. Telecon connection details are generally available on the calendar, below, 5 days before the telecon.

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