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Submitting comments on the 1622.2 draft

The 1622.2 2014-11-24 draft standard is now in the 1st round IEEE balloting process, in which IEEE members are able to vote and/or submit comments on the draft up until Jan 15, 2015. We are also making the draft publicly available and encouraging the public to vote/comment on it, especially those in the election official and vendor community who may not be members of the IEEE. Your comments will be considered carefully and will be greatly appreciated.

To comment, first review the 1622.2 2014-11-24 draft standard, also located immediately below this announcement. To submit comments, download this Excel spreadsheet and include your comments accordingly. Attach the completed spreadsheet to an email to the VSSC standards coordinator, Arthur Keller, at the following email address:

ark at soe.ucsc.edu

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