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Nanotechnology Standards Working Group

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IEEE Working Group P1690TM- Carbon Nanotubes Characterization

The nanotechnology space has received greater attention during the past few years, in part due to significant advances in materials performance and processing techniques. One potential impediment to wide-spread introduction of carbon nanotubes used as additives in bulk materials is the lack of a defined standard for their characterization. Also, methods for reporting performance and other data have not been established; each scientist or engineer has independently developed measurement procedures that may or may not be definitively comparable with the results of others. Without openly defined standard test methods the acceptance and diffusion of carbon nanotube technology could be severely impeded.

The IEEE Standards Association recently approved the creation of a new Working Group (WG), IEEE P1690TM, tasked with the development of “Standard Methods for the Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes Used as Additives in Bulk Materials”. The standard will suggest procedures for characterizing and reporting of data that will be used by research through manufacturing; methods will be independent of processing routes used to fabricate the carbon nanotubes. Also, when appropriate the standards will recommend the necessary tools and procedures for validation.

The WG is now seeking technical expert volunteers to join the group with expertise in the following areas:

  • Carbon nanotube metrology
  • Carbon nanotube manufacturing
  • Carbon nanotube property characterization
  • High volume manufacturing and in-line testing

The volunteers will help create a standard that will be used by R&D, pilot scale, and high volume manufacturing. Moreover, the standard will provide the necessary framework to ensure rigid procedures are followed for confirmation of data created at different locations. IEEE P1690TM will provide the structure that will allow uniformity and enhance the value of data to provide for growth and technology diffusion.

IEEE P1690TM Kick-off Working Group Meeting
28 October 2005, Time 10:00 AM CST

If you are interested in joining the P1690TM Working Group or would like more information, please contact: Krishna Kalyanasundaram, IEEE P1690TM Chairman at (847.576.9596) or Daniel Gamota, IEEE P1690TM Sponsor, Nanotechnology Committee at (847.576.5084). General information concerning the working group is available at the following URL:

Interested participants may join the Kickoff Working Group Meeting via teleconference as follows:

Conference Access:
US/Canada Dial-In Number: (877) 283-2663
International (see below for toll free number)
Passcode: 0226619 (Enter at prompt followed by the pound sign (#)).
International - Global Toll Free Conference Access Numbers for Ready-Access
AUSTRALIA 1800003691
AUSTRIA 0800292117
BELGIUM 080077968
CANADA 8772832663
CHINA 108001400551
DENMARK 80703158
FINLAND 0800770232
FRANCE 0800941694
GERMANY 08001014510
GREECE 0080016122038641
HONG KONG 800967971
HUNGARY 0680015286
INDIA 0008001006006
INDONESIA 008800105490
IRELAND 1800944115
ISRAEL 18009458641
ITALY 800781687
JAPAN 00531160347
MALAYSIA 1800802853
MONACO 80093182
NETHERLANDS 08002658218
NEW ZEALAND 0800447808
NORWAY 8057408
POLAND 008001114561
PORTUGAL 800819894
RUSSIA 81080022521012
SINGAPORE 8001011431
SOUTH AFRICA 0800990934
SOUTH KOREA 00308140426
SPAIN 900971504
SWEDEN 0201400558
SWITZERLAND 0800563963
TAIWAN 00801126569
THAILAND 0018001562038641
UNITED KINGDOM 08006920816

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