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IEEE 1788 mailing list archives

IEEE 1788 working group mailing list subscribers,

Luigi Napoli has just set up archiving for our mailing list.
The archives are public.  They can be found at

I am guessing that this email will be the first one in the

Best regards,


P.S. If we need to refer to previous messages to this list,
     I have most of them (except for one day about a month
     ago when I made a mistake in the mirroring process I
     use).  John Pryce should have a complete set.  If there
     is a demand, we can organize these a bit and post
     them on the web site.


R. Baker Kearfott,    rbk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx   (337) 482-5346 (fax)
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Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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