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Octave interval package 3.0.0


we have just released a new version of the interval package for GNU
Octave [1].  This version has largely been improved during this year's
Google Summer of Code [2] and introduces support for N-dimensional
arrays of intervals.  Most changes have been been made by Joel Dahne,
who I got to know in person during the SWIM 2016 workshop in Lyon [3].

The interval package is actively maintained as Free Software and brings
full support for IEEE Std 1788-2015, IEEE standard for interval
arithmetic.  You may install the new version in Octave with the
following command (should work on GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, Android,

>> pkg install -forge interval

After loading the package, it can be used for quick interactive interval
calculations, plotting, proofs or lengthy scripts.  For example:

>> pkg load interval
>> sqrt (infsupdec ("[17, 88]"))
ans ⊂ [4.1231, 9.3809]_com

Please have a look at more examples in the manual [4].  Feedback and
feature requests for this software would be appreciated.  If you need
help in using the package, please contact me directly or use Octave's
public mailing list [5].

Best regards
Oliver Heimlich

book of abstracts: