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    IEEE PAR 1789 - Project Status

IEEE P1789
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Standards Chair: Brad Lehman
Northeastern University;
Boston, MA 02115
(617)373-3052; (617)812-5800 Fax

Standards Vice-Chair: Michael Poplawski
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Portland, OR  97204
503-417-7561;     Fax: 503-417-2174


"Recommending practices for modulating current in High Brightness LEDs for mitigating health risks to viewers"


Officially sanctioned by IEEE (Power Electronics Standards Association) in October 2008, the process for forming a working group began 9 months earlier. Working with standards associations within NEMA, CIE, IEC, and EnergyStar, it was realized that many LED lamp manufacturers and LED driver manufacturers are concerned with making sure they are driving LED lamps at safe modulating frequencies. But, there is confusion as to what these frequencies are for different LED applications. Standards Chair, Brad Lehman, began to contact leading experts/researchers in LED lamp design, lighting environmental psychologists, health experts, LED driver designers and organized the working group. The group will publish recommended practices in IEEE. The report will also be submitted  to appropriate CIE, IEC, EnergyStar and NEMA standards groups, who have representation/liasons in the IEEE working group as well.


Several draft subcommittee reports have been written on specific topics that include photosensitive epiliepsy, definitions, methods for driving LEDs. These will eventually be merged into one document.  There has been extensive research and writing on the causes and effects of flicker in LED lighting. We are beginning to prepare some recommendations on flicker and best design practices. Prior to any vote, the reports will be open to the public for their comments. (February 2010)

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